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Reflexology can help

Reflexology can helpConstant high stress levels are thought to be the root cause of more than 80% of illnesses today. Day to day stresses produce toxins in the body, thus your immune system is more likely to be compromised making it easier to succumb to sickness and disease.

Reflexology lowers stress levels leaving the body better able to cope with the demands of modern life.

Today, people use Reflexology for help in alleviating a wide range of uncomfortable and painful symptoms, as well as an aid in their sickness prevention arsenal. After all it’s better to do all you can to prevent illness and pain rather than to deal with the at times lengthy treatment processes.

What is Reflexology
Pressure with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques are applied to the zones and reflex areas of the body’s major systems that have been mapped onto the Hands, Face, Feet and EarsIt is an Holistic Therapy that has been practiced globally for thousands of years.
It is the application of pressure with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques which is applied to the zones and reflex areas of the body’s major systems that have been mapped onto the Hands, Face, Feet and Ears. Using these Techniques, Reflexologists encourage the body to relax, de stress, detoxify and restore its natural equilibrium. Once the body is in a more balanced state, it is better able to heal itself.

In independent studies Reflexology has been proven to aid and complement Conventional Treatments on a wide range of conditions such as the ones mentioned below by helping the body to: Boost the Immune System, Decrease Pain & Stiffness, Decrease Stress & Anxiety, Improve Digestion, Increase Focus, Improve Sleep and Improve the Metabolism.

ARTHRITIS: Can be exceptionally painful and very debilitating; you may be familiar with conventional treatments and their not so welcome, numerous side effects! Reflexology is one of the Therapies alongside Clinical Acupuncture and Medical Herbalism (A Medical Herbalist will be able to prescribe herbs in doses and quantities that are specific to the sufferer which means a more effective treatment process) that have been found to be particularly beneficial and are regularly used to help sufferers.

ADHD: It is accepted as a genetic disorder even though no one really knows what causes it yet. But if any combination of the following symptoms looks familiar then you may know someone suffering from ADHD.
• Constant Fidgeting
• Frequent nightmares
• Excessive talking
• Excitable
• Impulsive reckless behaviour (regardless of consequences)
• Does not follow directions easily
• Short attention span, easily distracted
• Does not see why they need obey the rules
• Very poor self esteem
• Destructive
• Aggressiveness
• Clumsy
• Poor hand Eye Coordination

The list goes on………

It’s known to affect roughly 10% of children and adults alike in varying degrees of severity. Holistic approaches proven to help include diet intervention, Reflexology and Homeopathy.

CANCER: There are many forms of this disease with a wide range of psychological, emotional and physical symptoms which are both debilitating and painful. A number of studies on the usefulness of complementary therapies for Cancer Patients have shown that regular treatments of Reflexology or Clinical Aromatherapy among others can help improve the overall quality of life, as they can help in decreasing the following problems for patients and family members at all stages of Conventional Treatment.

• Anxiety
• Pain
• Depression
• Stress
• Tiredness

FAMILY MEMBERS AND CARERS: These wonderful people tend to neglect their own problems, aches pains etc. pushing them constantly to the bottom of that priority list of “Must Do’s” as they embrace the challenges of caring for a sick, debilitated or problematic loved one. In reality; this should not happen, they need to take care of themselves too, so that they can remain fit and healthy both emotionally and physically. They also can gain huge benefits from regular Reflexology treatments which can help to alleviate their much higher stress and anxiety levels. Usually far greater than those felt from the normal daily work and family life pressures, especially if it is a long term situation.

The Reflexology Treatment

The First Consultation and Treatment can take up to 1 ½ hours depending and whilst a Therapists will need to see the feet in a “natural state” without nail polish/henna tattoos etc., there is no need to discontinue your normal foot care routine such as the removal of excess dead skin as continuing this will aid the Therapist to get a more accurate reading and facilitates effectiveness of the treatments.

After initial consultation, the feet will be thoroughly examined for Skin Texture, Tone, Mobility, Temperature, nails and other indicators in accordance with Reflexology best practice: Reflexologists will use slightly different routines based on the client’s needs, but the specific thumb and finger techniques remain the same. After soothing massage movements to relax the client, the specifically designed pressures and movements will be used on the reflex points. Once treatment has finished you will be given an aftercare sheet and/or specific aftercare advice.

Does it hurt? Occasionally it can be slightly uncomfortable, the Therapist will be as gentle as required. With a problem in a specific area of the body there may be tenderness on the corresponding Reflex point or points. Time will spent on these particular points to help alleviate the problem. People do become very relaxed during Reflexology; it is one of the most powerful ways to eliminate stress in your body.

A Brief History

Evidence found in the Physicians tomb of Ankh-mahor at Saqqara Egypt depicts Reflexology being practiced on the hands and feetAs mentioned earlier, Reflexology is an Holistic Therapy that has been practiced in many cultures globally for thousands of years.
Evidence found in the Physicians tomb of Ankh-mahor at Saqqara Egypt depicts Reflexology being practiced on the hands and feet. Tribal Histories of Native Americans describe a form of Reflexology, the Cherokee and New England Nations can trace it back for generations. It’s believed by some that Reflexology was developed into Acupuncture and Acupressure.

Reflexology in western culture was first publicised early 1920’s with the book, Zone Analgesia “Relieving Pain At Home” by Edwin Bowers MD and William Fitzgerald MD. After Eunice Ingham, “The Mother of Reflexology” was introduced to Zone Therapy through her Physiotherapy work. She treated hundreds of patients, and doing so accurately mapped the reflex zones for the body on the feet and hands. Her book “The Stories the Feet Can Tell” developed the first uniform treatment strategy for Reflexologists.

Now Health Authorities globally are beginning to endorse Reflexology and other Complementary Therapies in a bid to provide a more complete care service for patients and there is also being brought into effect a much needed standardisation of both qualifications and best practice.

For more information, or to book a consultation with Becca Towers of Chrystal Flowers Healing Reflexology in the comfort of your own home, please contact:

E: info@chrystalflowershealing.org.uk
W: chrystalflowershealing.org.uk
T: 918 960 393

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