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Lisbon´s Underground Roman Galleries open to public

Lisbon's underground wondersLisbon´s Underground Roman Galleries, located in Rua da Prata, Baixa, will open to the public on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of September. The entrance is in Rua da Conceição nº 77.

Discovered in 1771 during the reconstruction of Lisbon after the earthquake of 1755, the galleries are dated from the first century after Christ and are similar to other public buildings of the Roman city of Olisipo.

You can visit a network of perpendicular galleries with small cells on the side of the galleries; probably used as storage spaces. Also visible are the stone arches, a technical characteristic of the Roman architecture, and also the spring galleries from where the water flows which then floods the whole room.

Guided tours are free. Opening times: 10am – 6pm (last tour at 5:30pm)

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