Do you know what your Poolpump costs per year??!!

Do you know what your Poolpump costs per year??!!We all love our pools. Hardly possible to imagine any home in Algarve without one. Unfortunately many people don’t know that they are one of the biggest running costs of our home.

This is because of the Pool pump which filters to prevent algae blurring your pool. Even when you are not there it needs to filter, especially in summer. The sun in Algarve is 5 times stronger then in the Northern countries, so water heats up more quickly, again stimulating the algae.
Also nowadays sun cream with factor 50 are a standard to protect our skin. This however has an affect on the water quality of the pool, often resulting in the need to filter even more hours.

One of the biggest running costs of your home is your Pool pump. Even when you are not there it needs to filter, especially in summer.

SHS Solar Solution did a study for their clients and the results were staggering:

A simple calculation example shows the huge costs per year:
Most conventional pool pumps use about 1,4Kw per hour, and you need to run it about 4 hours per day in winter, but at least 8-10 hours during high summer or more.

A pool pump can therefore quickly cost about €700 to €900 per year !
After 5 years you will have paid about €4.300 or more only running your pump.
This easily adds up to €11.000 to €15.000 in 15years, taking into consideration a steady price index of 3-5% per year.

So even when you are not around, or not using your pool, the little fellow can be a real money pit without you even realizing it.

Month Hours Costs Per DAY Costs per MONTH
Jan 4 € 1.40  € 43.40
Feb 4 € 1.40   € 43.40
Mar 4 € 1.40   € 43.40
Apr 6 € 2.10  € 65.10
May 8 € 2.80  € 86.80
Jun 8 € 2.80  € 86.80
Jul 10 € 3.50   € 108.50
Aug 10 € 3.50   € 108.50
Sep 8 € 2.80  € 86.80
Oct 8 € 2.80  € 86.80
Nov 6 € 2.10  € 65.10
Dec 4 € 1.40   € 43.40

PER YEAR = € 860.00

5 YEARS  =   € 4340.00

15 YEARS = €13020.00

So what to do about these high electricity costs ?

Electricity prices in Portugal are the highest of Europe and more then doubled over the last 10 years.
One way to bring your costs down is using our free sunshine.
With 300 days of sunshine it is very attractive to harvest this free energy and use it.

Photo Voltaic Solar panels How does it work:
Photo Voltaic Solar panels convert the photons from the light into low voltage electricity.
So they do not need the heat of the sun, only the light.
Average in Algarve we have 8 light hours per day, in winter less of course but in summer up to 14 hours !

This low voltage current is then converted to 230volt for your electricity grid.
Feeding into your fuse board or even into a socket makes installation easy and no conduits with cables in your nice home.

SHS FeedIN 6Packs will have a return in about 4,3 years only.
So you will have saved in 15 years about €10.000.

With all this sunshine it is really a ‘no brainer’ with these Electricity prices, in the bank your money is not worth anything AND the English Pound gives you a nice extra 17-18% discount.

Contact us for a quotation and visit our for more information, and to read regular news updates to keep you informed about the latest renewable developments.

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