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What does Hot Water really cost us ?

What does your Hot Water really cost us ?We all need our daily hot water supply, but how much does it really cost us? We all know Gas boilers, many people use Solar Water Boilers, and of course Electric water heaters.

So what are the investments, maintenance costs and which is saving us the most money ?

Gas boilers need regular maintenance and gas is about the same price as electricity, although gas is about 10% less efficient, so will cost a bit more.
Dragging heavy gas bottles is not ideal, neither is having a big tank in the garden.

Solar water systems are a larger investment, but hardly any maintenance. Cheaper systems have an outside tank which can cool over night in winter, forcing us to also need extra EDP to heat.
The more expensive units have a much better insulated inside tank.
Most Solar water systems have a 300ltr tank, but there are also smaller 150ltr and 200ltr systems available.
Systems will vary depending brand and type between €2.000 and €4.000

Electric boilers are very cheap to buy and have not much maintenance either.
Resistance for many people to buy electric water heaters is the side effect that these boilers keep topping up all day and night, making the running costs more expensive.

SHS Solar Solutions found a way around that !
A 150ltr boiler will cost about €230 and uses about 2kw per hour. Maintenance is also cheap, €75 for the heating element, maybe every 5-8 years.
Since you know your consumption pattern you can time your electric boiler for 2 hours per day and the tank is completely heated.

In case of an SHS Solar Solution you can also cover these hours of the electric boiler and run it 100% free.

AND every Kwatt you produce yourself you will save 23% VAT on you EDP bills !!

SHS is founder and partner of Sustainable Superstore.

Contact the SHS team about your best Solar Solutions:
T: 932 650 496
E: info@shs-pt.com

What does your Hot Water really cost us ?

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0 #1 Aidan Bremner 2017-11-26 20:55
Solar tank with inteligent gas boiler is great. Gas only heats when solar heat is below preset temperature.This kind of gas boiler is not much more expensive than the nirmal .A small electric boiler and time clock :oops: situated inside house or well lagged just outside house is good for winter.Water costs increase when hot water takes time to arrive at the taps due to solar tank situated high up on the roof so water has to travel a long way to some rooms.

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