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Babywearing - an indispensable tool to survive the hectic daily routine

 Ergonomic baby's carrier As a mother of 6 with all the logistics that this implies, I have long been a babywearing fan and use it as an indispensable tool to survive the hectic daily routine.
The fact I carry my babies around make people often question or express their doubts on this topic.
Here are the most frequently asked questions with my comments / answers as a mother but also as a babywearing consultant.

"Does it hurt the baby?”
No, the position in which a baby is carried in an ergonomic baby's carrier is the best for him. If you take a look baby is sitting and has his weight supported on the bump and legs (from knee to knee) and not in the genitals (not like the non ergonomic carriers), ie does not force the baby's spine or hurt in the genital area.

Babywearing - an indispensable tool to survive the hectic daily routine"Do you want some help”
The main idea of babywearing is to give the mother autonomy and independence. So the mother have to be able to put and take the baby in the carrier (no matter what kind) by herself. This should be taught to the mother/carrier who wants to carry her baby, and from there if any help is needed, it should only be given by those who know how to use it and in the form of words, so the mother reach her autonomy.

"I also had something like that, but my baby did not like it."
Probably wasn´t an ergonomic baby carrier and the baby would not feel comfortable, or it was ergonomic but not used correctly. It is important to try out various models and options and especially have the help of a babywearing consultant to learn how to use.

“The baby gets used” - And that's perfect. A tiny baby (and not only) needs contact to survive. Being close to the mother he feels safe. He can sleep, nurse or just enjoy the day without having to feel alone. For the mother it's also freedom, you can do what you have to do, with both hands free and a baby who does not cry and is relaxed.

If you want to know more please contact Amamenta Algarve and book an appointment.


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