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Why decoration heating stones are useless in Algarve

Why decoration heating stones are useless in AlgarveYou can buy many decoration stones as heating for your home. However most of these stones are not Infrared, so much less efficient to run. Also some of these products claim to be infrared because they supposedly would heat the wall behind them, which will radiate back.
The reason that makes Infrared so efficient is the principle of radiant heat instead of convection (moving air like normal heaters and AC’s).

In Algarve this theory is a complete nonsense for most homes, since the houses here have poor insulation so you don’t want to heat the wall behind it but radiate to the front of course.

Patio’s and Verandas are great but can be very chilly towards the end of the day or evenings.


SHS Solar Solutions is official representative for Herschel Infrared heating solution in Portugal. The Far Infrared Heating technology does not only save you 50% on your heating, it is also very healthy and stimulates the immune system !

Infrared heating advantages:

• Healthy for our body
• Great against Allergies
• No air movement
• Very comfortable warmth
• Perfect against humidity and mould

SHS Solar Solutions therefore offers its clients during  April and May our SHS Outdoor Heating Spring Promotion: Every Infrared unit 5% discount !

Visit our showroom opposite the GNR police station in Almancil on Thursdays or on appointment.

Visit our website for more information, and to read regular news updates to keep you informed about the latest renewable developments.

Email: info@shs-pt.com | info@sustainable-superstore.com
932 650 496
Showroom : 289 356 294
Website: www.shs-pt.comwww.sustainable-superstore.com

Why decoration heating stones are useless in Algarve

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