No more sun or EDP needed for your hot water!

ThermoDynamic Hot Water SystemsSHS Solar Solutions now introduces ThermoDynamic Hot Water systems to the Algarve.
The Thermal Solar Boilers on the roof are now obsolete. With about 8-10 years payback time with 300 days or sunshine in Algarve this is proven not to be an efficient investment.

Many cases are known where the system has a defect and runs at 3,5kw all day, topping your EDP bill easily to €300 per month for no reason !
In winter, when you need hot water the most, many times these systems cannot offer free hot water in the morning when the tank has cooled down over night.
So they run 3,5Kw per hour anyway, with the most expensive energy costs in Europe this is just not a clever choice.

ThermoDynamic systems work very differently, the panel heats a 200ltr tank within a few hours, however like a heatpump, so in rain, clouds and even at night !
On ECO setting they use 0 electricity, but on boost setting if needed it only uses an extra 390watts per hour !

Domestic Hot Water, Heating, Underfloor heating and Pool heating can be covered by this solution. One client even empties the content of his 200ltr tank every day into his pool to top it up since the system offers hot water that quick anyway.

Visit our Sustainable Superstore showroom opposite the GNR in Almancil on Thursday’s or on appointment:

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T: Showroom 289 356 294 | Mobile 932 650 496

No more sun or EDP needed for your hot water!

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