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"23 years in the Algarve - 23% discount for Springtime orders" from Domus

Underfloor Heating - FREE labour dealTo celebrate 23 years of successful business in the Algarve, Domus owner Simon Zwart has decided to stay busy by offering customers a 23% Spring discount and throw in FREE labour for customers wanting to install underfloor heating, or add heat mats to existing floors without the mess of digging them up.

Zwart commented "with the economy still in recession I am keen to do business and provide solutions and upgrades for houses that suffer from wintertime cold."

"Many home owners that are having trouble selling their properties have decided to make improvements to their Algarve homes - underfloor electric heating mats that can be laid on top of existing tiling is a simple way of improving living comfort and adding value to your home."

Free labour on installation of the reflective player and the mats with the heating elements.There are two systems on offer:

1. Underfloor heating for new homes (see picture) and homes where the old floor is dug up, a new electric underfloor heating system installed, and the then is re-tiled.

2. For property renovations heating mats are recommended where removing the old tiling floor would be too inconvenient and messy. Here the mats are placed on top of the existing tile or concrete flooring, bedded in an insulation layer, and then new tiles are laid in the screed on top of the mats.

Buyers demand heating systems these days and these two low cost options will make your house more comfortable and more saleable when the time comes.

Domus is offering 25% off either system, with FREE labour on the installation of the liquid insulation layer and the heating mats.


Many older houses are inefficient in their energy use and may not have heating systems installed at all. A log fire is never the best way to heat larger spaces and other rooms will remain cold. Many older central heating systems now are inefficient.

One of the principle advantages of electric underfloor heating is that there are no oil or gas bills to worry about, just controllable electricity costs with NO additional annual maintenance costs. A diesel boiler service now costs an additional €120- €150 per year, and very expensive diesel oil is something to cost-in to your budget.

What's included in the installation package for option 1?

Firstly and importantly the laying of the liquid insulation layer, then the self learning intelligent thermostats we recommend Devi 550s - then the Devi cables themselves, with connection to the electricity supply, testing and setting all thermostats.

What is not included is the installation of electrical boxes, tubes and mains supply for the thermostats, and the final cement layer on top of the heating mats or cables which your builder normally does. We will make it clear what is and is not included in your quote.

What now is included is FREE labour for the laying of the liquid insulation layer, the mats or cables as well as the 25% discount on the package price.

What's included in the installation package for option 2?

The laying of the liquid insulation layer, the heating mats, intelligent thermostats, the Devi mats, with connection to the electricity supply, testing and setting all thermostats, plus the 25% discount on the lackage price.

Underfloor heating Thermostat

- An invisible, even and controllable source of heat

- Put Castelo traditional handmade tiles on top for a designer finish.

- Large stock in the Algarve ensures rapid delivery

- 10 year manufacturer's guarantee from Devi/Danfoss


Devi underfloor heating systems are supplied and fitted by Domus, the premier design and installation service based near Boliqueime in the central Algarve.

Domus has been supplying innovative and reliable heating systems to home owners, developers and construction companies for 23 years.

For more information, help and advice please contact Simon Zwart

T:  964 137 321 and 289 366 931



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