This is How a Minimalist Decorates the Bedroom

This is How a Minimalist Decorates the BedroomYou’ve probably heard the saying less is more. That is exactly what minimalism is about. In interior design, the minimalist style advocates for de-cluttered spaces, clean lines, geometric shapes, and toned-down colors. It is also characterized by the use of functional design objects and furniture. Often seen in Scandinavian or Japanese homes, minimalism is now growing in popularity all over the world.

Now, whether you’re settling into a new home, or if you’re looking to revamp your existing space, decorating a bedroom like a true minimalist is within everyone’s reach. Read our guide for essential tips on how to achieve a sleek-looking and soothing sleeping den. 

Sober Palette

The first step towards a minimalist bedroom is to opt for a subdued color palette. That applies to walls, furniture, rugs, decor items, and more. The choice is usually either white, black, or gray, but can include other colors like shades of cream, blue, or green. The point of this is to confer a pure and serene look to space. In any case, it’s recommended not to choose more than two to three colors overall. 

Bare Walls

Minimalist bedrooms typically have unadorned walls, which gives them a sense of cleanness and neutrality. This isn’t to say that all walls must be left bare — photos, artwork, and wall decors can be put up sparingly. This will ensure space doesn’t look ‘empty’. Still, the style eliminates anything that isn’t necessary. 

Streamlined Bed

Platform beds are a go-to for minimalist bedrooms. As a piece of centerpiece furniture, it must showcase the style of the room as a whole. So, opting for a simple, clean bed is preferable over a complex and bulky frame. While a bed is always a major investment, the dedicated gurus at recommend a few options to complement the aesthetics of your minimalist bedroom. Regardless of exploitable size, conducting some research to find the perfect bed will help achieve the design you want. 

Sleek Lines

The secret of a minimalist bedroom lies in clean lines. They’re what gives the space this distinctive airy and relaxed vibe. When choosing new furniture pieces such as chests, bedsides, tables, or seats, look for contemporary designs with sharp lines and defined shapes. Always make sure your furniture fits into one single color scheme to avoid mismatching. 


Minimalist decor is mainly about finding balance and harmony. To give your bedroom a feeling of symmetry and order, select furniture and items according to the size of the space; not too tiny, not too large. Likewise, experiment with different layouts until you find the arrangement that will make the room appear proportioned, calm, and visually comforting. 


As mentioned earlier, minimalism strives for spaces that are clean, legible, and free of clutter. As such, only keep what’s essential to your bedroom needs and routine. Anything that is overly flashy and styled should be stored away. Doing so will give the room that serene, relaxing atmosphere that is characteristic of minimalist home design. 

LightingThis is How a Minimalist Decorates the Bedroom

Another important aspect of the minimal aesthetic pertains to light. In fact, it’s a feature of its own that brings life to space. Natural sunlight is always best, of course, but you can opt for contemporary lighting fixtures, such as ceiling lamps, floor or table lamps that will complement your space with a refined and modern touch. Remember to mind the color, proportion, and materials. Thankfully, there is a large selection of purchasing options available. 


Interior plants are a staple across rooms and design trends. Especially in a neutralized minimalist bedroom, adding a large, leafy plant can enhance the space with some earthiness and a touch of color. Always opt for live plants instead of synthetic ones. Your options are varied and include bamboo, philodendron, rubber plant, or a nice fiddle-leaf fig. 


Lastly, since you’ll certainly want to personalize your bedroom, it’s perfectly fine to hang your favorite artwork on a bare wall. Be it a poster, painting, mirror or photograph, make sure your choice coincides with the rest of the bedroom and brings added value, especially if you’re going for more than two pieces. Keep in mind that adding too many ornaments will break the harmony.

Many people mistake minimalism with sterility. In truth, the laconism is merely an expression of refinement and sobriety. Minimalism places the emphasis on harmony and visual comfort, which, in interior design, translate into comfort. Ultimately, designing your bedroom with this style will allow you to enjoy a clean environment that’s conducive to relaxation and well being.


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