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How to Properly Decorate Your Home According to the Experts

HOW TO PROPERLY DECORATE YOUR HOME ACCORDING TO THE EXPERTSSome peoples’ homes simply evolve over time. It may be that additional pieces of furniture and home equipment are acquired, whilst others are disposed of when broken. By this stage, there may be a confusing collection of new and old items, with few things matching in style or color. 

When it comes to decorating a house, a little extra thought is really worth taking. People need to consider who lives there, what their interests and lifestyles are, and what is the current style and decor in the home. If a resident has just moved to a new house, he can find out who lives at this address without leaving his home.

Fortunately, there are many expert opinions out there, and such wisdom can really benefit us at a time like this. Let’s discuss some of their wise advice right now. 

Put Your Stamp Upon The House  

Make a list of some key events your family has had. Then dig out some old photos or get some printed. They could feature anything from school photos to graduations, holidays to weddings, awards to baby pictures. There’s no need to buy expensive new picture frames. Why not buy some old pictures from a charity shop, and use those frames instead?

The personal touch is key here. We’ve all seen mugs, greeting cards, and T-shirts that have been customized via the internet. They are specially made using uploaded digital photos that mean something to the recipient. There are great ideas here showing how home decor can also become unique and personalized. People actively search online to find the bedding that can include the colors and texts of their choice. Folks want high-quality fabrics on which to feature their digital photos. They could be printed on curtains, rugs, pillows, baby linen, or even bathroom decor. 

If a home is too perfect, it may appear sterile or even office-like. Everything will be matching and have its own place and purpose. The occupants and visitors may find it hard to relax here, and it will feel less like a home. If there are children in residence, the home and garden should surely reflect this. 

Let Your Home Decor Reflect Your Hobbies

If someone loves and collects musical instruments, some of them could be hung on the walls. This could be both a space-saver and a talking point. Anyone who loves arts and crafts could feature their own creations around the home. 

Children always treasure their playrooms or bedrooms when they reflect their interests. There could be Disney or Star Wars posters on the walls. 

Harness The Power Of Paint

Tired rooms can become refreshed simply by adding a new coat of paint. It’s an inexpensive option that can make a big difference. People who are new to decorating may choose to paint the walls white. They will create a blank canvas, and make the rooms look brighter and more spacious. Mirrors can also help achieve this. 

Although white painted walls may be a generic solution, it’s important that a room doesn’t look too colorless. There should be some furnishings in the room to provide a splash of color. Soft pastel shades are gentle to the eye and can make walls look colorful yet not too bright. 

You could even use different colors for each wall, but make sure they go well together. Some paints look brighter or darker once dry, so use tester paints on small areas of the wall first. 


Some people prefer to get a room and get rid of the old furnishings, and then to decorate and buy brand-new furniture. Sometimes, all you need to do is ‘shake it up a bit’. Keep the same furniture but try moving it around the room. Alternatively buy one or two new items occasionally, just for variation. Simply keep an eye on the overall style or decor you have chosen. 

Some people buy a piece of quality furniture and take a while before they can afford another. That’s fine. Let your room evolve over the years. Each new piece can become a focal point when it arrives. 

Bring New Life To Old Things

When someone knows how to renovate furniture or reupholster chairs, they have exciting options for bringing change. This is particularly good news for people who can’t afford to buy something new. If someone has a pine chest of drawers but fancies a change, they could apply a coat of stain or paint. 

People shouldn’t despair if they can’t afford a new sofa or chair. Why not use new cushion covers? A throw is a great way to transform a sofa’s look. Someone could use a brightly covered one in summer and something warmer in color for winter. 

Make Storage Attractive 

Anyone who is blessed to have an entranceway may despair when old boots and shoes are thrown everywhere, or coats are heaped up on a chair. Buying cheap coat hooks or boxes may be a practical solution storage-wise, but it is possible to do better. 

If the home has a retro feel, why not buy some antique clothes hooks or even an old-fashioned coat stand? If you have a modern home, some brightly colored storage boxes may be both practical and pleasing to the eye. This way, they will look more like furnishings than merely practical containers. 

Make Shelves Your Friends

If there is space for you to have a bookcase, it can be a great place to display your books. Such things as ornaments and small vases of flowers can also look good here.

Floating shelves are a customized version of the same thing. They can be designed to fit any available space. They could hold towels in the bathroom, cookbooks in the kitchen, or toys in a child’s room.

As we can see, there are lots of things we can do to decorate our homes well. Think about the lighting too: perhaps bright bulbs for the daytime or dimmer switches and special lamps for the evenings. With a little work, it really can become a case of ‘home sweet home’.


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