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Make Your Home More Secure With a Locksmith

MAKE YOUR HOME MORE SECURE WITH A LOCKSMITHThere are thousands of people who have chosen to invest in property on the Algarve. Indeed, many areas of Portugal are perfect lifestyle and property investment destinations such as Porto.

Not everyone chooses to live in Portugal full time though. Some will jet between London and Portugal a few times a year. Others come from other European countries and maintain a holiday home in the Algarve.

While this may seem like an idyllic lifestyle, there are concerns with looking after property in two different countries. After all, you can only be in one place at one time. 

Do you need home security in Portugal?

The Algarve, and Portugal in general, is a very safe country. There is little in the way of violent crime, and most criminal acts tend to centre around petty crimes and theft.

This doesn’t mean that security isn’t a concern for homeowners though. As with any country, property owners need to be aware of the risks and install security measures accordingly.

According to Knoema, the burglary rate in 2018 was 222.6 incidents per 100,000 of the population. This is far less than Germany’s burglary rate and less than half that of France’s.

However, it still pays to make sure a home is secure, especially if you are going to be spending six months of the year in London for example. 

How can a locksmith help with home security?

A locksmith is usually known for fitting locks, but there is a lot more to them than that. Considering that keys and locks are the standard way of securing a home, perhaps it shouldn’t be so surprising to know that they deal with other areas of home security.

Here are some of the areas that locksmiths deal with:

  • Installation of CCTV
  • Fitting of keypad entry systems
  • Fitting alarms
  • Install door and window locks
  • Upgrade existing locks
  • Replace locks after a break-in

The last two are of particular importance. It isn’t rare for older properties to still have their original locks in place. These are often to pick or to force. Modern locks are far more advanced, and some don’t even require keys.

Replacing locks after a break-in is also important. Especially if you are in another country. Having a local locksmith on call to make changes while you are out of the country could be a lifesaver. 

Why should you upgrade your locks?

Generally, it is a good idea to upgrade your locks for peace of mind. If you are holidaying in the Algarve, wouldn’t you be more relaxed knowing that your London home has modern locks?

Locksmiths don’t need to be expensive either. Searching for a cheap locksmith in London could bring up many results and end up with you having upgraded security.

Changing your locks also eliminates the chances that someone else has a copy. This is a distinct possibility if you are purchasing a property. Copies of keys get cut, and while the likelihood of a previous tenant robbing you is unlikely, it isn’t impossible. 

What other areas of security can locksmiths help with?

Locksmiths can deal with a number of general security issues. You might find it worthwhile asking one to look over your home and point out any weak spots or vulnerabilities.

They will notice areas that you may not think of, such as window locks, or blindspots for CCTV cameras.

Locksmiths can also advise on what safe you should purchase should you require one. They can get you back inside your home if you lose your key, or if it gets stolen too.

It is very important to get locks replaced if a key gets stolen, especially if any ID was taken also. One other area of importance is lock cleaning.

Although lock cleaning isn’t specifically related to security, it might save you some trouble down the line. If a lock gets gummed up with grime it can stop working as it ought to. This could end up with a key breaking off in the lock. No fun if you’ve just arrived back from Portugal to your regular home on a night flight. 

Selecting a locksmith

Choosing any type of tradesman is often a bit of a gamble. You check the websites and select the one that appeals. However, there are some ways to up your chances of getting a reputable expert.

Search for any affiliations to trade associations. For instance, in the UK there is the Master Locksmith Association. Other countries will have their versions too.

Look for any reviews and testimonials that you can find online. These aren’t always perfect indicators of good service, but if you find a lot of bad ones at least you’ll know who to avoid.

Alternatively, you could ask whichever agency you used in Portugal to buy your property. They may have the details for local professionals such as electricians and plumbers to hand too.


Portugal is the third most peaceful country on Earth and with good reason. Many people choose to work as digital nomads in Portugal, others decide to retire there.

While it is indeed very safe, there is still some crime which includes burglary. Many of these incidents involve shops and commercial buildings, but some concern residential properties.

For peace of mind, consider using a locksmith to boost your home security for your holiday home, and your one back in your own country.


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