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Prestige Spraying – The Kitchen Transformation Specialists

PRESTIGE SPRAYING – THE KITCHEN TRANSFORMATION SPECIALISTSA kitchen is a special room, but when it starts to feel tired and worn, the joys of having a beautiful kitchen slowly fade. At Prestige Spraying, our aim is to breathe new life into your kitchen, making it look modern, fresh, and new again.  

Our vision started with a simple idea: Why throw away a perfectly good kitchen, whose quality is often better than what’s currently on the market? Instead, why not transform the surfaces to recreate a beautiful, modern kitchen that you can enjoy for many more years to come?  

These are a few of our recent project Before & Afters...

Prestige Spraying works with the highest quality, 2-part Acrylic Polyurethanes. Knowing exactly how to apply these special products is key to transforming your kitchen; making it look as if it came straight from the factory, just like new. It’s also the key to having very durable, scratch resistant, easy to clean surfaces.  

So why don’t all painters work with Acrylic Polyurethanes? The answer is simple: Applying these advanced products requires special training and know-how, not to mention the very best spray equipment. At Prestige Spraying, we’ve made these investments so that our clients get perfect results every time: A streak-free, drop-free, satin-smooth finish. Guaranteed.    

We start by removing all doors, drawer faces and removable features such as kickboards, end panels and top/bottom features. We transport these to our workshop where everything is thoroughly cleaned and sanded before applying 2 coats of primer. We follow with 2-3 top-coats (sanding between coats) in a colour and finish of your choice. We then re-install and clean. No stress, no mess; in 5-7 days your kitchen is beautiful again.  

Whether it’s bright and bold, or modern and neutral, we offer a large selection of modern colours, finishes, and handles to reflect your individual taste.  

Are you ready for a just-like-new kitchen? Contact us on (+351) 962 166 685. 

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