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What to do if you find Bed Bugs in your Holiday Home

What to do if you find Bed Bugs in your Holiday Home.Let's face it, bed bugs are a landlord's worst nightmare. If you own a holiday home and you have come across these dangerous and harmful bugs, then you must do whatever it takes to get rid of them for good. 

Customer reviews are of vital importance to holiday homeowners, and one negative review about bed bugs can destroy a landlord's reputation and prevent holidaymakers from staying in their rental. 

But before pressing the panic button, let's find out what can landlords do to prevent these creatures from tormenting their guests and damaging their business? 

Contact a bed bug specialist immediately

Although it might be tempting to take on an army of bed bugs yourself, if you don’t have the know-how and the tools specifically designed to get kill these nocturnal bugs, then it might be worth hiring a specialist instead. Although a lot of landlords worry about paying the bed bug removal cost, they should keep in mind the long-term damage bed bugs can cause.

Experts in the area will not only know how to remove the bed bugs, but they will be able to provide the landlord with professional advice on how to prevent the bugs from returning to the holiday home. 

They often use sophisticated tools and chemicals to exterminate the bugs, so make sure the home is safe before they begin to work. During the process, you and anyone else might have to leave the premises. Sometimes, bed bug removal services use chemicals that can prove harmful. The specialist will inform you when it will be safe to return to the property. Keep this in mind if your guests have booked into your holiday home while the expert is carrying out his or her task. 

Its time to get rid of that clutter

Landlords sometimes claim their guests are lying about their bed bug issue. This is often because the landlord has visited his or her premises on several occasions without seeing a single bed bug. 

Spotting a bed bug, especially during the day isn’t going to be easy. These tiny bugs are masters at hiding, plus, they are nocturnal so don’t expect to see them during daylight. Because they are so good a hiding, treating them can be very difficult. Get rid of any clutter around your holiday home, and keep the place clean and tidy at all times if possible. 

However, keeping on top of your holiday home’s cleanliness while guests are staying is not going to be easy. If you have a cleaner, make sure he or she knows the issue, and how to prevent it from happening again. The more clutter, the more areas for the bugs to hide. 

Invest in bed bug covers

Encasements are readily available and are used to prevent bed bugs from living in your mattress. They don’t cost an arm and a leg, and you will find tons of online stores and traditional bedding stores with a wide range of them in stock. Without these encasements, finding bed bugs is going to be a difficult task. 

However, not all encasements are the same. Cheaper bed bug covers tend to tear easily, so if you want it to last at least twelve months, consider buying a quilty encasement. Before spending your hard-earned money on brand new encasements, check to see if they have already been tested for bed bugs. If you buy from a traditional bedding store, examine the cover to see if it is strong enough to last at least a year. Some bed bug specialists sell products like encasements, but if they don’t, they might be able to advise you on a reliable brand worth buying. 

Speak to other holiday home owners in the area

Because bed bugs like to travel from one place to the next, don’t be surprised if other holiday homeowners close by have experienced similar issues. If this is the case, consider asking the landlords for advice. They might have the contact information for a reputable bed bug specialist in your area, or even better, a soliton that worked for them on hand. 


You’ve probably heard of multiple horror stories about bed bugs destroying an entire home, but there is no need to panic. Although eliminating bed bugs can prove challenging, keep in mind that it's not impossible. Of course, you might have to throw some expensive furniture out, but a reputable bed bug removal service should be able to help you keep your home safe in the long run. If you want to put the holiday home up for sale at any stage, potential buyers might be put off if they have heard that you had a bed bug problem. 

If they have given you guidelines on how to prevent a second invasion, make sure you follow their advice. Unfortunately, most bed bug removal companies cannot guarantee the process will suceed, but their services will increase your chances of exterminating the bugs. 

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