Funeral plans: plan now, save money and heartache later

FUNERAL PLANS: PLAN NOW, SAVE MONEY AND HEARTACHE LATERWe all know from our own experience or that of close friends, how traumatic it is to have to cope with paperwork, official’s and bureaucracy at a time when we are emotionally vulnerable. And yet, that is precisely the situation that we find ourselves in when there is no funeral plan in place.

This time of grief can be made much easier on your family by having a pre-planned and pre-paid funeral plan ready in the event of your death. Iberian Funeral Plans Lda. is one of the key professionals in the sector and wants to be able to offer the full range of benefits of an Iberian Funeral Plan to everyone, irrespective of where they live. That is why Iberian has developed a network of locations throughout Portugal, Spain and its islands.

By pre-planning now you fix the cost of your funeral at today’s prices, which are inflation proof irrespective of how long you live. Our plans start at €2695 and payment can be made in euros or sterling either as a lump sum or by a deposit and regular instalments by direct debit which attract NO interest.

Our plans attract no additional costs such as a set-up fee or administration fee.

Iberian is a fully operational registered Portuguese Lda Company and has been operating in Portugal for over 15 years, all funds are held in accounts with Millennium Bank and HSBC.

For full and transparent information visit http://www.iberianfuneralplans.com or email us at info@iberianfuneralplans.com

Iberian Funeral Plans

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