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Ovens in the Sun - a new oven, without buying one!

Ovens in the Sun -  oven cleaning service, AlgarveThere's more to a clean oven than meets the eye! Find out why Ollie and Christine's Ovens in the Sun oven cleaning service not only saves you money, but is good for your health too!

Ollie and Christine from Ovens in the Sun moved to Tavira from the UK 4 years ago. Like so many, COVID 19 had a negative impact on their small property rental business, so they began to search for ways to help them survive.

During the first lockdown the couple explored many avenues and discovered no one in the Algarve provides this beneficial oven cleaning service. They did further research and found many expats from the UK and other countries had used oven cleaning services prior to moving to Portugal. After professional trianing, even though the concept is relatively new to many in Portugal, Ollie and Christine's first class service is catching on and they are making kitchens brighter, one oven at a time.

Ovens in the Sun is a registered business, operating in the Algarve for the last year. Ollie and Christine provide high quality professional oven cleaning, aswell as hob, range and microwave cleaning within your home.
They use specialised equipment to clean your oven, using a variety of non toxic chemicals, eco and vegan friendly products.

BENEFITSOvens in the Sun oven cleaning service

● A clean oven makes for a safer kitchen. If your oven is full of grease and food residue it increases the risk of fire.

● Neglected ovens harbour bacteria and germs making it unhygienic to cook in.

● Save on electricity bills. An unclean oven takes longer to heat.

● Save valuable time - a professional oven cleaner has the right tools to clean your oven.

● A clean oven will help your food taste better and will help your oven to cook more evenly.

● Its the job everyone hates to do - let us do it for you!


● Ovens in the sun carry the tools required to cover every situation including Thomas (Thomas the dip tank).

Protect the area
● Floors and the surrounding areas are covered to ensure your kitchen is kept clean.

Remove & Clean Oven Doors
● Carefully remove the oven doors and dismantle ready to clean components individually by hand. This helps us get rid of the build up of grease and smears between the layers of glass. Seals are checked and secured before reassembly.

Clean The Racks & Shelves
● Racks, shelves and rack holders (located on the sides) are removed. Grime and grease is removed by cleaning them all in a dip tank to steam clean, using vegan friendly products.
Where possible the knobs are removed to allow full access to cleaning your oven.

Remove the back plate
● This reveals the oven fan which is also removed and placed in the dip tank.

Deep Clean The Oven
● The oven is deep cleaned using Ecofriendly products, getting into those hard to reach places.
Your oven is then reassembled, ready to use,  giving you an oven to be proud of.

Keeping our pets safe
● A clean oven also helps to keep our pets safe,  pets are more vulnerable than people to exposure to toxins that can arise from cooking in a dirty oven. Animals have faster metabolisms and smaller lungs so have to work harder to
eliminate toxins.
Ovens in the Sun care about the welfare of your pets and can clean your oven professionally using pet friendly products.

What our clients say...

“If you want a new oven without buying a new one contact Ovens in the sun.”

“Ovens in the sun did a remarkable job. Very thorough and when they left all I had was a sparkling oven, definitely 5 star service.”

“We inherited a disgusting double oven cooker and after a long day it looks like new. Fantastic job, and no more cooking to keep it looking so good!”

Before & Afters...

Ovens in the Sun oven cleaning service

Ovens in the sun recommend a 6-12 monthly visit to keep your oven in tip top, hygienic condition. To book your visit from the professional Ovens in the Sun team contact:

T: 00351 968 526 382 or 0044 7803 416525
E: christineallee@gmail.com
Facebook: 'Ovens in the Sun'



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