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What is the Standard Dining Room Table Height?

WHAT IS THE STANDARD DINING ROOM TABLE HEIGHT?The correct selection of furniture helps to ensure comfort and convenience in its use. If you do not guess with the parameters, you can buy not the most comfortable furniture. It will lead to several uncomfortable moments in communicating with guests or when using it. To avoid this, you need to understand the proportions of the room. It is also important to know the standard dimensions of any furniture.

In the living room we are very often looking for the right table. The first question that arises when looking for it is the classic height for a live edge dining table in UK. A common mistake is to buy a table that is too low, making guests with above-average height uncomfortable. There are times when a table is bought very high. Then the problem arises that people do not feel at the table in the living room, but at the bar.

To avoid such awkward situations, you need to understand what is the standard height of a dining table and how to choose it best.

Standard height of the dining table

This parameter is very important. It should be understood that when you study the answer to the question of what is the average height of a dining table, you must realize that the standards do not fit everyone. Analyze the average height of your family, relatives, and friends, and based on their anthropometric data choose your table. If you have a majority of average height, you should choose tables with a height of 28-30 inches.

If you go to any furniture store and ask what the average height of a dining room table is, you will be told this parameter. Some stores present the height in centimeters. Then the top figure will be around 71-76 cm. Of course, not all tables will be this size. Some will be a little higher, others a little lower, but for most customers are quite suitable height tables from 70 to 76 cm.

Also, don't forget the parameters of the table and counter. If the counter will be around 34 inches, the counter should be made at least 6 inches higher than the dining table. These parameters are suitable for those who are cooking and those who are waiting to eat.

On our website, you will find a wide range of dining tables. If you ask the managers what the height of a dining table is, they will immediately consult you and help you choose the most favorable option for you. Before you confirm your purchase, we recommend that you consult with our specialist to clarify all the details and select the perfect table, according to your preferences.

Tips for choosing the perfect dining table

When trying to figure out what the height of a dining table is, customers should consider all the points. This kind of furniture has different sizes. It will all depend on the size of the room where the furniture will be installed. For a proper selection of the table, customers are advised:

  • To install it in a large room. The distance between the table and walls should be around 3 feet. Therefore, it is better to measure the space in advance and determine its length, and width. This will help you figure out how long and wide your chosen table will be;
  • The table's weight is just as important. As you understand, weight is extremely important. If the table is thin, it will be visually easier to perceive. Denser tables are most often made of wood. Brown wood is used to produce most. With it, the space will be more gloomy. If you have a dark interior in the house, then such a table will only worsen the overall feeling of coziness in the room. Think optimally about the balance between objects of different weights. This will help to make the room and the lighting in it more pleasant;
  • The shape of the table should match the shape of the room where it will be installed. It does not matter if you install it in the kitchen or the living room, if the room is square, it is better to choose a round or square table. The rectangular area is better to fill with oval furniture. If you do not follow this recommendation, the integrity of the interior will be destroyed because of the mismatch of proportions.

It is important to understand that these tips are only recommendations for users. You must analyze and choose your furniture. But with our recommendations and advice from our specialists, this process will go much faster and easier for buyers in the UK.


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