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Top 5 windscreen covers for frosty starts

TOP 5 WINDSCREEN COVERS FOR FROSTY STARTSA windscreen cover might not be the most glamorous of car accessories, but it is a highly useful one. In the winter, a windscreen cover can guard against winter frosts; in the summer, you can use one as a sun shield to keep the car’s interior at a bearable temperature even if it’s left sat in the sun for hours. Some covers can even do both.

A windscreen cover can be a valuable addition if you’ve just bought one of the many used cars in the UK and fancy a low-cost and effective upgrade. While some new cars, especially EVs or hybrids, have pre-conditioning options that can cool or defrost the cabin before you ever get in it, a used model is less likely to have this useful feature and as such would benefit from a more low-tech solution like a windscreen cover.

Whatever you need from a windscreen cover, we’ve rounded up some of the best here - whether it’s sun protection, frost protection, or both. Read on for our top choices.

The best windscreen covers for sun protection

EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade

This is your best bet if you want a car shade that fits perfectly. Available in five different sizes to suit all different vehicles, there’s also a chart to indicate which size fits which particular make and model of car.

It’s made from polyester and reflects sunlight to keep your car’s interior down to a sensible temperature. It folds down easily and comes with a storage bag.

Plastific Front Windscreen Sunshade

It may not be particularly clever, but this is a design that works. It’s reflective and foldable, keeping the sun’s rays at bay to make sure your car stays cool in the summer.

It’s strong and durable as well as double insulated, and comes with suction cups to keep it securely fastened to your windscreen.

The best windscreen covers for sun and frost protection

AA Windscreen Sun Shield and Frost Protection

Unlike the covers above, this one sits outside the windscreen. It’s held in place using tabs at each end - pass them through the side windows and the cover is held in place when they’re wound back up.

One side is black to absorb heat and protect against frost, while the other side is white and heat-reflective to protect against sunlight. It’s amazing value considering it’s a double act, providing great protection all year round.

Beneir All Weather Windscreen Shield

This windscreen cover is ideal if you want year-long protection against the very harshest that nature has to offer. It’s durably constructed from thick Oxford fabric with a waterproof coating, making it resistant to snow, ice, rain and UV rays to name but a few.

Installation can be a little bit of a faff, with extra straps and magnets plus bonus side mirror covers, but once in place it’s totally secure and easy to stow away once you’re done.


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