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Merrylegs Pet Hotel ...home from home for your pet

Merrylegs Pet HotelMerrylegs Pet Hotel will be officially opening their top quality purpose built facility on the 15th November 2013. Merrylegs is primarily a dog and cat hotel but we also can care for any other household pet, birds, reptiles, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits etc, and will provide a top quality pet hotel with the highest standard of care possible. 

Situated very close to Loule train station, 5 minutes from Almancil and within easy access to the EN125 and A22.


The dog apartmentsThe dog apartments have Perspex doors with no bars, aimed to give a real home from home experience. Comfortable beds are provided and lovely fluffy bedding. The dogs have fully enclosed grass exercise paddocks where they can be let out at various times during the day to let off steam.

Other services offered include grooming, hydrotherapy, dog training, collection and delivery,  and pet shop.

A family run businessMerrylegs is a fully authorised facility and has been designed and built to specific criteria to meet the required standards of licensing. We are also fully insured and all paper work is available for inspection.

Merrylegs is family business, run by fully qualified caring staff, Laura, the KENNEL MANAGER, has a Higher National Diploma in Animal Care and a Diploma in Kennel Management and she is also a qualified hydro therapist, her husband Ralquei (Logan) has been trained on site, together they make a very dedicated team.

For more information please call Laura (English) 927 296 332 or Ralquei (Portuguese) 927 282 937 or take a look at our website www.merrylegspethotel.com.


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