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Europe and Us – The House of Lords -The Referendum– the vote!

Europ and UsOn Friday 10th January the House of Lords debated the EU(Referendum Bill). This Bill may never see the light of day, because the Lords’ debate may well run it out of time.

The Bill was introduced by Lord Dobbs, an obviously nice chap, but who has not bowed to pressure to agree that we who are most affected by the outcome of a referendum should be allowed the RIGHT to vote in this referendum.

We, who live in the continental States of the EU, must have the Right to Vote. The outcome of this Referendum could make us Foreigners in Europe.  As foreign as Russians or Japanese.  We would have no automatic right to live here.

The following Peers have spoken for our interests  (I apologise for omissions – I scanned  through the Hansard report and it is easy to miss records.)
To view the Hansard Report click here – begin at column 1738; The Lords  Oakeshott, Crisp, Shipley, Tugendhat, - there are most certainly others who did not speak.

The next Stage of debate in the Lords is the Committee Stage –  For this detailed debate, the peers table amendments CLICK HERE.

An important amendment  relates to Clause 2 (‘the who can vote’ clause) and is tabled by the following peers. It would enable all of us to vote in the Referendum;
Lords Shipley, Kerr of Kinlochard, Bowness and Baroness Quinn.

A further important amendment is tabled by Lords Roper. Hannay, and Baroness Quinn.  

What you can do!

To lobby -  write to any ‘peer’ as above. A personal letter is best.

Example: Dear Lord/Baroness  xxxx  I am a British Citizen, living in France/Spain/Cyprus/ Germany/ ete—  The outcome of an IN/OUT Referendum is vitally important to me.  If it is ‘out’ then I will be a foreigner in the EU.  Yet most of us in Europe will have no vote.   Please do all you can to help.

Get the email address from http://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/lords/.

That also gives you the opportunity to read the background of the’ peer’.

Brian Cave   
E: lefourquet@gmail.com
W: www.votes-for-expat-brits.com | www.votes-for-expat-brits-blog.com

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