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Residency in Portugal - how did you register?

brexitLenBritish in Europe is running  a survey to help us find out more about your experiences of registering for residence as a British citizen when you arrived in your host EU country , and also of applying for a permanent residence card after five years.
Why are we doing this just now?
Well, the EU 27 countries will very shortly be considering how to ‘register’ UK citizens living in the EU after 31 December 2020: to continue the current declaratory system, or to introduce a new constitutive system where we would be required to apply for a new status, in keeping with the UK’s wish to oblige EU27 citizens to apply for ‘settled status’ rather than simply confirm their existing rights.
We need to know your views and experiences to help our input into the process.
The survey will be open for just 10 days, until Wednesday 9 May 2018, so don’t hang around too long! Time really is of the essence and it’s important that we get as many responses as possible, right across the EU.
Please go to the survey from this link:
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+1 #3 Gerry 2018-05-07 10:00
Sorry! My last residencia was for 10 years, due for renewal in 2019. How quickly time flies when you are a pensioner!
+1 #2 Gerry 2018-05-06 17:45
I have had a Residencia since 1980, 3 years before 'REV' but I have never been issued a 10 year card although I have also worked, paid my taxes and I have a Portugeuse State Pension.
Why the difference?
+1 #1 Rev 2018-05-06 11:47
My Wife and I applied for and received a Cartão de Residencia in Portugal in 1983. We have continually renewed it ever since and this year renewed it once more.The first three renewals were for five year terms, the next two for ten year terms. We now have a further ten years as
holders of a Cartão de Residencia Permanente
until 2028. What will happen after the pathetic so called Brexit pantomime negotiations remains to be seen, if in fact anything has actually been resolved by 2028. I would add that at no time have we had any problems whatsoever with renewing our Residencia. Could this be that because we learnt to speak Portuguese, have done everything legally required of us, i.e. paid taxes of every description etc. etc, worked for a living, own our property, have two legal vehicles for which we pay the required ICU. I even have a Portuguese State Pension. Who can tell.

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