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Good intentions? Read Enjoy the Algarve’s January issue: Make a change

Good intentions? Read Enjoy the Algarve’s January issue: Make a change

The January 2017 issue of Enjoy the Algarve, Make a change, is out now! In it, you’ll read about the people who improve the south of Portugal. Like marine biologist Carla Lourenço who organises beach clean-ups with Straw Patrol.

Kerry Gross and Faith Clements of AEZA neuter countless stray dogs (and try to convince Portuguese men it isn’t their manhood that’s chopped off along the way) and many wildlife conservation centres do their bit for birds or lynxes. Even columnist Arthur van Amerongen joins in and promises to clean dog cages (he actually likes his beaches dirty as it keeps the tourists away).

Planning to live healthier this year? What about growing your own food? Chris Lewis takes home-grown to the max with a gigantic veggie garden and a developing food forest.

Plus: bird photography tips from Thijs Valkenburg, flexpat James Cave talks about why arriving at Faro airport is just amazing, nine things you shouldn’t miss in Carrapateira.

Happy reading!

You can find out more about Enjoy the Algarve by visiting their website: www.enjoythealgarve.com or directly read the latest issue on:


You can also follow Enjoy the Algarve on Facebook and Twitter  for regular updates.

W: www.enjoythealgarve.com




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