Enjoy the Algarve - March 2017 issue – Don’t worry, be hippie!

Enjoy the Algarve - March issue now available!

Read the March 2017 issue of Enjoy the Algarve, Don’t worry, be hippie! 

In it, play the didgeridoo, learn about emotional intelligence, eat vegan and hear from digital nomads if travelling the world while living in a van is as awesome as it sounds.

Plus: 3 tips to boast on social media and 5 ways to try out the hippie lifestyle. No hallucinogens though: Arthur van Amerongen explains why he refuses to smuggle hashish to Barão de São João’s hippie market.

Also in the magazine: landscape photography tips by José Ramos, what not to miss in Olhos de Água, Vasco da Gama trivia, and expat Cees Groenewegen talks about not wearing a watch anymore.  

Happy reading!

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