Tapada do Infante medieval village near Odiáxeire, Lagos, shows life as it really was

SwordDancerThe medieval village is back near Odiáxeire with tournaments, birds of prey and plenty of fun, food and drink.

The Tapada do Infante medieval village is a living depiction of an old way of life, showing the games, habits and customs of those who lived in the Algarve in medieval times.


The popularity of historical fairs is rising with many popping up across Portugal through the summer months. This is a great way of showing the customs and influences that became ingrained and have played their part in shaping modern Portugal.

The Tapada do Infante has been created is an area just outside Odiáxeire where you can see for real how people dressed and what they did in their day-to-day work. This is the ‘living museum’ concept which, for children especially, is a vibrant alternative to dusty old museum displays.

As Odiáxeire is in the Lagos area and Lagos is the City of the Discoveries, there would have been be carpenters and shipwrights in this area, skilled in the construction of the famous caravels that sailed to new worlds.

The mediaeval village is open from 5pm until 11pm from now until October 30th, 2017 but check for details before travelling.

Visitors last year has this to say on the Tapada do Infante Facebook site:

“Absolutely amazing village, characters and staff very helpful and friendly. Knights jousting was amazing and birds of prey show fantastic. Will definitely be back when we return to Portugal. Great value for money.”


“Absolutely brilliant... couldn't thank them enough for looking after us and taking time to show my grandson the armour and swords that knights wear. Hope it's a huge success.”






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