Taste Portugal: Enjoy the Algarve’s September issue is out now

Taste Portugal: Enjoy the Algarve’s September issue is out nowRead the September 2017 issue of Enjoy the Algarve, Flavours.

In it: we try to cook a delicious seafood cataplana. And discover eight other traditional and typically Portuguese dishes, from carne de porco à alentejana to feijoada. We also take a look at Portuguese street food, like bolas de Berlim and bifanas.

Plenty of food production here still happens manually. Like picking olives and harvesting sea salt. The guy on the cover of this month’s magazine isn’t fishing for shrimps; he’s scooping up flor de sal, which floats on the surface of the salt ponds at the Salinas do Grelha near Olhão.

Our columnist Arthur van Amerongen has been eating like a porco (a bit too much pasteis de nata lately) and tries to go on a diet, Hudson Stuart share his tips on food photography, and expat Andres Felipe del Rio talks about the mesmerising sunsets he’s seen here in the Algarve.

Plus: 8 things to do in Moncarapacho and surroundings, 3 extreme Algarve tastes, and 5 tips to make great goat’s cheese.

Happy reading!

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