Feel the saudade with Enjoy the Algarve's November issue

Enjoy the Algarve's November issue is out!Read the November 2017 issue of Enjoy the Algarve, ‘Saudade’
In it: we investigate what saudade exactly is. Although it’s one of the hardest words to translate into English, it says so much about the Portuguese culture. As it’s closely linked with fado, we talk to fadistas about the most important thing when performing Portugal’s folk music.

To get a break from all the nostalgia and melancholy, this month we’ve tried sensory painting in Almancil. This playful activity takes you back to finger-painting as a child and is possibly the most fun you can have with paint.
Our columnist Arthur van Amerongen explains when he first learned about saudade: “At the end of the seventies: I saw a lot of very sad looking people sitting in ugly bars with neon lights and watching football on TV.” Ruben Lopo shares his tips on storytelling photography, and expat Ron Isarin talks about how living in the Algarve has inspired him to use his camera.

Plus: 7 things to do in Estoi and surroundings, 3 places to feel Portugal’s connection to the sea, 5 tips to understand saudade and 6 museums to visit if you want an insight in Algarvian life of the past.

Happy reading!

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