Why the Algarve? Read it in Enjoy the Algarve’s December issue

Why the Algarve? Read it in Enjoy the Algarve’s December issueRead the December 2017 issue of Enjoy the Algarve, ‘Why the Algarve’
In it: we’ve investigate why expats move to the south of Portugal. Their reasons range from craving a more laid-back lifestyle to wanting to be nearer to the ocean. For Christine Holmes, it was the wish to live a less stressful life among ‘people who have time for people’, whereas for the German Robert and his donkeys, the clean air here sealed the deal.

Another thing that’s great about the Algarve is how photogenic this region is. Not only the coastline, but also the people, as we find out during a street photography workshop with Vitor Pina in Loulé - read about his lion-technique and why smaller is better when it comes to camera size. More photography: João Cabrita Silva gives tips on how to make images that show the fun you can have in the ocean.

It’s not all fun and games though. Living here all year round also means dealing with a low minimum wage, bureaucracy and boring winters. Don’t let that somehow crush your dreams of moving over though. Our columnist Arthur van Amerongen absolutely loves it in the Algarve. Why? White socks in sandals, quiz nights, golf and certain …uhm other activities.

Plus: three things to do this month, six things you shouldn’t miss when visiting Carvoeiro, fascinating facts about seahorses, and five tips to celebrate Christmas without snow.

Happy reading!

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