Celebrate summertime with Enjoy the Algarve’s June issue

Celebrate summertime with Enjoy the Algarve’s June issueRead the June 2018 issue of Enjoy the Algarve, ‘Summertime!’

In it: creating sand sculptures, ice-cream maker Cláudio David about local Algarvian gelato flavours (dried figs or alfarroba & orange, anyone?) and fascinating facts about the Festas dos Santos Populares. This summer, capture the Algarve on camera. From festivals to beach and from food to nature & wildlife, our Picture Perfect photographers give advice and Fábio Martins explains how to make unusual holiday pictures with a crystal ball.

Our columnist Arthur van Amerongen visits Fuseta’s flea market: “It’s a fascinating parade of toothless gypsies, tattoo-grannies stuffed in leggings, emaciated Germans with bandanas, scarlet red Brits in Bermuda shorts and heaps of smoky macramé types with shrivelled up livers. And I’m one of them.” Expat Charlotte Cederqvist enjoys riding her Harley Davidson in the south of Portugal, especially as the season here is much longer than in her native Sweden.

Plus: three things to do this month, five ways to watch the World Cup, six things you shouldn’t miss in the area of Cabanas de Tavira, and three ways to make this summer even better.

Happy reading!

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