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Something Extra Special - stunning costume jewellery

PendantWonderful silversmith Something Xtra Special  has this week launched a brand new range of affordable and exquisite costume jewellery using beautiful art by talented artists. Algarve resident, A3art's Alyson Sheldrake, is delighted to have her art work included in the range, which is available exclusively at Etsy SxtraS online shop.

There are rings, both round and square, priced at only £11.61 GBP (+p&p). 

And beautiful pendants for £11.54 and antique style pendants for £9.03 (+p&p).
Also cufflinks for only £17.09 (+p&p).

You can head over to the A3 Art website to see the full range of items, or you can click here to go straight to the SxtraS Etsy shop, where you can purchase items. 

W: www.a3art.co.uk
W: www.etsy.com/shop/SxtraS 



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