Interviewing “The Indiana Jones of Yoga!”

Interviewing “The Indiana Jones of Yoga!”This week a film crew is specially flying in from Brazil for three days to interview and create a documentary on the extraordinary life and work of the man the media calls the “Indiana Jones of Yoga” - local Sao Bras author, artist, world travelling adventurer and truth seeker, Muz Murray.

His unusual life began as a young surrealist painter (friendly with Salvador Dali); later becoming a theatrical costume and set designer for theatre and film; also as an actor, stuntman and singer, zoo-keeper, art teacher, deckhand, street portraitist and many other weird and wonderful occupations during seven years of hitchhiking halfway round the world.

He became a British cult hero in the Sixties, as Founder and Editor of "Gandalf’s Garden" mystical centre and magazine in London, featured several times on BBC television.

In the late Seventies he worked as a psychotherapist, and was co-founder of The Open Centre in Old Street, London.

Author of five books, BBC scriptwriter for Radio 4, he has been interviewed several times on TV in the UK, Italy, on California Radio and was recently interviewed by Oprah’s producer.

As a result of his many years of vagabondage, sleeping under the bridges with tramps in Paris, working as an elephant-trainer (in Tel Aviv) and Night-club singer (Acco); a rock-driller in King Solomon’s Mines in the Israeli desert; trekking down Africa (being shot at by bandits, surviving knife attacks, hold-ups, poisoned darts and earthquakes), crossing deserts, living with the Dervishes in Turkey and Iran, living three years as a wandering monk in India, and clinging to the outside of an express train for 10 hours through the night, the Yoga and Mind-Body-Spirit magazines have dubbed him the "Indiana Jones of Yoga."

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