Local young fishermen awarded Gold medals

Local young fishermen awarded Gold medalsThis week, on Wednesday 11th December the Clube Naval Portimão, held a ceremony in Portimão, to honor two youngsters who were chosen to represent the National Team and represent Portugal in the World Championship Shore Angling in Italy in October. They came 4th. They were awarded Gold Medals for being chosen out of the whole of Portugal to represent and angle for the National Team.

Both Lourenco Martins, 12 (right) and Miguel Martins, 16 (left) were delighted with the award. The boys are good friends and travelled together to Italy.

Lourenco Martins aged 12, was the youngest of the team of six representing Portugal in the Under 16’ s.


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0 #1 Chip 2019-12-18 11:59
Now can they please show me how to do it. I catch rocks and weed but not fish.

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