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Clairsentient Abilities and What it Can Do To You

Clairsentient Abilities and What it Can Do To YouHave you ever experienced people coming to you as a go-to-person when it comes to gut feeling? Or can you feel other people’s feelings or next moves without having any interaction with them at all? Then you might possess clairsentient abilities. Clairsentience is commonly defined as a “clear feeling”. It refers to the ability to feel the past, the present, and the future emotional state of other people, even without using any of the five senses- sight, smell, hearing, tasting, or touching. It is also referred to as the sense of intuition because people who also have clairsentient abilities can gather information from non-living materials such as buildings or outside areas also without the use of the five senses. 

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Let’s Understand the abilities of clairsentients

Their ability to get psychic information is through sensing and feeling the energies around them. Their ability also gives them to understand other people’s feelings, by tuning into them or this is commonly known as telepathy. Clairsentients may also serve as a medium for people to connect to their dead family members and relay information by their ability to feel. They act as sensory receptors from the spirits outside the world to humans by using impressions and emotions. These people can also get another person’s feelings and emotions enabling them to help in solving problems being encountered and further help in making a decision. 

Signs of being a clairsentient

Being clairsentient can be manifested by several signs that can be seen based on your reactions to situations and places or things or events, and by your emotional feelings towards other people. Here’s a list of the signs that can tell whether you are clairsentient:

  • When you were at a younger age, you were tagged as “over-sensitive”
  • You are a person who knows things without being told
  • You have a high level of perception and you have the tendency to easily read between the lines. 
  • You are able to intuit information from undercurrents of emotions that you see in people
  • You have the empathy to other people who are suffering and it makes you also feel their pain physically
  • You create emotional connections to certain people
  • If you meet people who carry “dark” energy or even places, you feel nauseous and uncomfortable

If you have these signs, no doubt that you are clairsentient.

Clairsentient Abilities and What it Can Do To YouWhat happens to a clairsentient

If you are clairsentient, this can give you advantages. Sometimes, this enhances a person’s instincts and makes the person good at decision making. This is a good sign that your skill is being improved like for these specialization skills:

  • A political person, a counselor, or a political advisor, who knows when to remain silent and informs his client to talk or share his thoughts at the right time or moment. This can make himself free from political tags or issues that he has avoided because of not talking when he has felt something might happen.
  • A parent who is at par with the needs of his/her baby. Very advantageous for a parent who can easily read the mind of a baby who cannot tell his own feelings or emotions yet. So the parent’s instincts can tell if the baby is feeling good or not.
  • A teacher who has a suspicion about what is going in a child’s life even without any information given. This will make the teacher understand a child’s performance in school work, giving her ideas or options that would fit into the child’s emotional and mental growth
  • A medical doctor who can home in on a problem because of his uncanny ability.
  • Spiritual healers who make use of his hands to sense bad energies in a person’s energy field
  • A driver who has gut feelings during driving saving himself and his passengers from a sudden accident caused by other vehicles around
  • Detectives who can read people

On the other hand, clairsentient may give a bad feeling, making the individual feel the burden of carrying all the emotions of other people in him. Because of this, some clairsentient revert to alcohol or drug dependence to ease the heavy feeling that they have. But despite how a person feels about it, it is a gift, and if you know that it can be used or dealt with positively, then you will feel better about it. There lists of guide to clairsentience when you check psych books or just by searching the internet, these tips can help a person who has this psychic ability understand better what it takes to be one and how should it be dealt with especially if emotions and energies are already so negative.

You can do several activities to cope with this situation. First, is to embrace it as a gift. Understand different feelings and be able to set your emotional and physical feelings clear. You can also talk with people who may possess this ability. Practice meditation, express yourself creatively, or use this to do a job or work that you enjoy. Being clairsentient can be a good influencer in our world. It can lead you to a life with a gifted-purpose.

People with extrasensory abilities are susceptible to the effects of their surroundings. Small changes in their surroundings can drastically affect their moods. To achieve peace of mind, you can create a quiet environment.

For example, when you are meditating, a quiet space is very important. This space helps you feel comfortable and focused.

You can decorate the space with decorative items such as a fluffy rug, soft throw pillows, soothing fragrances, and more. You also need to set up comfortable lighting. Strong light can distract you, while soft lighting can make you relax. The lighting of Custom Neon Signs is very soft and helps to enhance the effect of meditation.




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