Alvor, a paradise in paradise

ALVOR, A PARADISE IN PARADISEAlgarve is a paradise in this world. If there is a paradise in this paradise, it is Alvor. Excellent beaches, 62 restaurants with completely different dishes, fresh fish, astonishing views from the hills and the lagoon, municipal park with information about birds/nature, good public swimming and open spaces… Name it, you have it.

In Alvor, because of tourism year-round, most people talk at least one other language in addition to Portuguese and English.

The many sculptures in Passeio at Ria are quite creative. AT the air strip you may take a short flight around, learn to fly, or jump. In the lagoon quite often you see windsurfers, travelling to Alvor from far away.

Golfland, AlvorAnd now there is Golfland, a minigolf with an excellent restaurant. Swedish born Rey Langels and his partner, Mikael Kummelstedt started this venue a year ago. They found a plot on the roundabout on the way to Pingo Doce, with a large space which could not be built on. There, they set up their minigolf. Each of the 18 holes has a theme of the nature and history of Portugal. I was pleasantly surprised at each hole, with its specific attraction!

The restaurant offers a large choice of fish and vegetarian snacks on top of Swedish dishes, as Gravad Salmon, Chickpea and Vegetable Curry. Also a wide range of good wines. It is very well decorated, modern, easy to clean, several paintings! I felt as if I were in paradise. Obviously all staff speak perfect English.

Upstairs there is a space to train for playing real using the golf simulator which I have never seen before. You have a strong feeling of being on a golf-course and all your movements are recorded and compared with the ideal ones, so you know what to improve.

Downstairs there is an indoor, also an outdoor space, for some 40 people to snack or enjoy a complete meal and a party. The whole place is very creative, with a gorgeous view. It was designed for people who wish to enjoy something special while enjoying life


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0 #1 Loathecliff 2021-10-23 15:03
Name it, you have it.
Complete peace? - It might be a new 'feature'.
It certainly didn't used to exist.

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