Tips on building a designer bag collection

TIPS ON BUILDING A DESIGNER BAG COLLECTIONA new year means a fresh start and the opportunity to rethink your appearance and routine for the months ahead. Perhaps a refresh of your style is also in order? We've all had a lull in parties and events recently, but there is one thing that can dress up everything from sweatpants to ready-to-wear: a new handbag.

Buying a new luxury handbag, especially if you've been saving for a long time, can be scary. So before I make a big purchase, I constantly think about how well the item would hold its value and how much I could resale it for if I ever wanted to.

Though women’s bags do not change as frequently as, say, apparel trends, they do alter. Handbag purchasers may be inspired by the runway, social media, or even television and opt for classic forms or neutral colors, depending on what's in style at the time.

Tips on building a designer bag collection.If you're thinking about investing in a new designer handbag, think about investing in a style that will last rather than a one-season wonder that will eventually end up gathering dust in the back of your closet. The most significant possibilities for this are classics – some of which have been given a modern makeover but are still very much trend-free – or timeless designs.

If you're suffering from the January blues, nothing beats a new handbag to put a smile on your face. Because choosing your ideal form is as unique as your DNA, we've scoured the globe for a wide range of styles, from crossbody to tote to clutch, to ensure that there's something for everyone. Your ideal handbag is waiting for you...

Baguette Bag – Fendi

FENDI honors the 2022 Spring Festival and the beginning of the Year of the Tiger with an exclusive Capsule Collection that symbolizes the daring, vigorous, active, and joyful personality of those born in the Tiger Year. In addition, it has this beautiful rendition of the classic Baguette.

Book Tote – Dior

 It's easy to see why Dior's Book Tote is so popular — the style, which has quickly become a house staple, is the ideal way to dress up any daytime ensemble.

Speedy Bag – Louis Vuitton

The Damier version has been the most popular for several years. Still, regardless of the type you choose, this bag will remain a classic. It comes with a shoulder strap and will quickly become your go-to bag. In my opinion, the Speedy Bag is still the best Louis Vuitton bag to buy.

Horsebit 1955 – Gucci

The Gucci Horsebit 1955 Shoulder Bag is decorated with vibrant and colorful geometric motifs reminiscent of jockey outfits. The Parade Ring, or paddock, where horses go around as a warm-up before a race and to help racegoers pick a winner, was the inspiration for the collection.

Tips on building a designer bag collection.Demi-Lune – Alaia

The Demi-Lune exemplifies Pieter Mulier's debut collection's architectural flair. It's shaped like a magnificent jewel and slides under the shoulder and nestles beneath the armpit. Its leather hinge, sometimes embellished with bells, symbolizes Alaia's clothes.

Peek-a-boo – Fendi

Like the previous bags, this bag has been on the market for some time and continues to be a terrific bag, suited for a busy and active life. Every year, new colors and leathers are introduced.

Vibe Hobo – Dior

The trademark Cannage print is featured on the new Dior Vibe Hobo Bag, which can be worn as a fitted crossbody or carried as a clutch. Its sporty and sleek shape is one of our favorites.

One of the best purchases you can make is a quality designer handbag. Once you've found the perfect fundamental bag to add to your collection, it'll instantly refresh everything from casual denim to more formal outfits, and it'll quickly become your go-to accessory. The beauty of a unique designer bag is that it's naturally adaptable, so you'll never be stuck for outfit ideas. This is all the more incentive to invest in a bag—it's the perfect go-to accessory, regardless of your unique style.



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