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Enjoy fresh flowers and their impact on your mental health

ENJOY FRESH FLOWERS AND THEIR IMPACT ON YOUR MENTAL HEALTHFlowers have a positive impact on our mental health, reduce anxiety, worry and help heal. With flowers around the home, people feel less depressed or agitated. Even the smell of flowers helps relieve stress and anxiety. So why not have flowers at home all the time?

Floovly is a weekly flower subscription service, that delivers fresh flowers to customers every Wednesday. We deliver in Lisbon, Algarve, London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Prague & Bratislava.

There has been a shift towards self-care and wellbeing in the recent years and Floovly aligns with those values. Our primary target audience is women entrepreneurs, working from home, who wish to create a beautiful and thriving space at home.

Customers can choose the bouquet size, then decide how long they would like the subscription to last (1, 3, 6 or 12 months). We then hand select a gorgeous, seasonal bouquet and deliver it to their chosen address each week. 

In every city with work with local florists who arrange and deliver the bouquets.

But Floovly isn’t just about flowers and well-being. It’s also about empowering women in their business pursuits. 2% of profits are donated to support women entrepreneurs.

We are Ramin and Firuza SultanovWho are we?

We are Ramin and Firuza Sultanov, a married couple, founders of Floovly and e-commerce agency, EcomAcademie

We met almost 5 years ago, and from day 1 realised we have the same vision. We both desperately wanted freedom, dreamt of starting our own venture, travelling and living in Europe.

Shortly after meeting, we launched our first business on Amazon, invested all our savings and it failed. Right at that time we both quit our corporate jobs. We then started looking for other online businesses ideas that would give us the freedom to live anywhere in the world and travel.
We then launched an e-commerce store and later an e-commerce agency. As people began asking about our business, we realised there is a need for programs and courses teaching e-commerce and so we ventured into that space too. Our aim was to help wannabe entrepreneurs launch an e-commerce business from scratch.

Our goal is to empower and inspire millennials to go after their wildest dreams, to fulfill their mission and live purposefully.

2 years later we came up with the idea of Floovly, and got accepted to a few incubator programs in Europe. We ended up choosing Portugal (although neither of us had ever been in Portugal before, it was more of a gut feeling) and moved here through the start-up visa program by the Portuguese government Innovation agency IAPMEI.

Floovly was launched in 2021.

In November 2021 we had a booth at the Websummit.

We even had the chance to pitch our start-up to the president of Portugal.

In April 2022 we were invited to speak at the first Algarve Tech Hub Summit.

At the moment we’re partnering up with womens organisations such as Athena Founders.

We now live in the Algarve because being close to the ocean has always been our ultimate dream.

Other projects:

We recently launched an NFT collection – EMPWRD WOMEN

EMPWRD was created with the mission to empower women start-up founders and women artists in the NFT space through donating 50% of NFT art sales. Women are underrepresented both in the NFT and start-up space and we aim to change that! Gender discrimination prevails in the world of tech and the art world, we believe we have the power to shift that and empower more and more women to join forces and support each other.

What is EMPWRD?

It’s a unique collection of 50 art pieces created by Firuza Sultanova and living on the Ethereum blockchain. The art work is hand drawn on procreate. Royalties are 10%.

What is our commitment?

50% of sales will go to organisations supporting women led start-ups and women NFT artists.

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