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Ways to Make Your Honeymoon Extra Special

WAYS TO MAKE YOUR HONEYMOON EXTRA SPECIALWedding planning involves quite many activities. You consider the engagement party, bachelorette party, the bridal shower, and of course, that moment you look forward to as newlyweds- the honeymoon.

A honeymoon is one of the most anticipated experiences in a lifetime. It is one of the moments you will remember for decades. Making it special is a priority and it goes beyond booking a flight and hotel. Read on for some tips that could help you make that wedding experience extra special.

Be adventurous

With a happy marriage, every day is like a honeymoon. Nevertheless, while planning for that special honeymoon, you should explore what neither you nor your partner has ever experienced. You can plan activities such as skydiving, snorkeling, and others. Surprising your partner is good but you need their input to successfully achieve this.

Moreover, you can also upgrade your partner’s expectations. You can opt for a limousine cruise from the airport to your hotel instead of booking a taxi or minibus. You can even book a speedboat or a helicopter if you are going to an island. And in the bedroom, don’t be afraid to explore. Dragon Dildo UK says you can surprise your partner by displaying a sex toy and see the excitement on their face.

Have more than one location

To get the most out of your honeymoon experience, you can consider two locations. It could be a nice holiday resort combined with a popular beach that neither of you has ever visited. Nevertheless, since most hotels have different types of rooms, it will be ideal if you upgrade to special rooms.

However, going for a honeymoon in two different locations also requires proper planning. Remember that you have to relax after the stress of the wedding. If you will be making reservations for a beach and safari, it is recommended that you first relax to ease the exhaustion of the wedding.

Candlelight dinner

Irrespective of the destination of your honeymoon, you should make a reservation for a romantic dinner. Though simple, it is a perfect recipe for a memorable honeymoon. You should make it extra special, especially when it will be your first night away.

Many 5-star hotels and restaurants have private dinner features such as candlelight dinners. It could be on the beach or in private cabanas. You can also order your favorite wine and enjoy the company of your spouse.  

Couple massage

The honeymoon is a time to relax after the exhaustion of the wedding. Even if you do not like massage, one of the things that could help you relax side by side with your partner and make the experience indelible is when you have a massage at a cabana or private beach.

Also, you can ask for hot stones or aromatherapy just to make the experience special. Once you are through, you can then go into the bathing tub with your spouse and unwind together.


Remember the honeymoon is your vacation. You can do whatever you want to do. Irrespective of the flight you have booked, you should plan for an early check-in to avoid a rush. Nevertheless, while planning for your honeymoon, make sure your partner has input in it. 


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