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New album by long term Portuguese resident, David Broadway

NEW ALBUM BY LONG TERM PORTUGUESE RESIDENT, DAVID BROADWAY"Yesterday When I Was Young" is the 2022 Album release from David Broadway, a British national, (married to a Portuguese national) and resident in Portugal since 1993.

David BroadwayThe Album has seven tracks for a total of 29 minutes listening time.

The title track is of course an Aznavour composition, chosen for it's amazing life-story lyric combined with beautiful music played by Ruben Alves.  

It is David's 4th Portuguese studio recorded Album since 2019 (totalling 43 songs), and continues a recording collaboration with Ruben Alves, Portuguese Pianist & Performing Artist. 

The Album was recorded at SLOW STUDIOS in Portugal and Mastered by Andre Tavares who has managed the sound systems of all albums.  The album was released on the 27th May, 2022.

David's Albums with Ruben Alves can be found on all the following digital channels where they are listed under the Jazz and Easy Listening categories.






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