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Kicking Off The Algarvian Summer With LUX MARE

KICKING OFF THE ALGARVIAN SUMMER WITH LUX MAREThere’s a magic to the Algarve that draws holiday goers in year after year. With film-worthy beaches, tons of hidden gems and adventures to see and experience, laid-back local culture and authentic Mediterranean cuisines to try. It’s easy to see why this destination ranks as one of the best in the world.

And what better way to really get into the Algarvian spirit than to surround oneself with the best accommodations it has to offer? Take a quick journey with us to find out why LUX MARE Lagos’ Casa M and Casa L should be on the top of your list when searching for the perfect, exclusive holiday houses in the Algarve.

LUX MARE’S luxury villas in LagosInspired by a mix of Scandinavian minimalism and warm Portuguese charm, LUX MARE’S luxury villas in Lagos are sure to entice even the pickiest of travellers. LUX MARE’s journey all started when a Nordic couple became so inspired by the diverse Portuguese landscapes after visiting the Algarve region for so many years, that they decided to tap into their passion for hospitality, architecture and design.

By building two truly exceptional properties with the help of Lagos native architect Mario Martins, along with internationally recognised local designers, LUX MARE’s luxury Lagos villas make for a truly spectacular holiday experience.   

The six-bedroom villas are situated close enough to Lagos town to still be within arms reach of the bustle, but still offer a private stay for those wanting a relaxing getaway. The properties’ light, natural textures pay homage to the region, while featuring floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the turquoise ocean beyond the infinity pool.

Casa M and Casa L themselves are decorated in such a way that one can easily escape the clutter of one’s daily life. Crisp, white walls make way for visitors to clear their minds, while five-star facilities include private gardens and panoramic views over the Algarvian coast. A large television room which houses computer games to keep the kids entertained on those days when you may want to relax, and a cosy barbeque area for evenings spent dining al fresco. Casa M comes with a few bonus features, such as a rooftop garden, a cinema, an indoor gym/games room that makes use of Technogym equipment and a pool table.

Both of these luxury villas provide their guests with hotel-style services while still offering the privacy of a 5-star guest house. Guests are welcomed by a gourmet food and drink pack, discreet daily housekeeping and high-end bathroom amenities. State-of-the-art audio systems and smart home technology not only give guests complete control of internal heating, lights, blinds and gates, but makes staying in this superb Portugal luxury villa all the more convenient.


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