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How to Improve Your Career Prospects  

HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR CAREER PROSPECTS It is a fact in modern times that the adage that “a job is for life” no longer rings true. Research suggests that most people will have approximately 12 jobs during their working life. 

In addition, the average time spent working in one job is now just over four years. The world of work and careers is far more dynamic than it was just a few decades ago and people have much more freedom to move into different careers and learn a wide range of new skills. It is important to keep an open mind on the career that you want. As you grow older and more experienced, you may find that you want a complete career change and to learn a suite of new skills and abilities. If you are considering changing your job role, or just want to find more fulfilling work in the future, here are some key tips to help boost your career prospects.

Training and Qualifications Are Key

One of the vital ways to improve your career prospects is to research the skills and knowledge that are required for a new type of work. Getting to the interview stage without the necessary knowledge and experience is almost impossible in today's job market. Most jobs that are advertized externally receive many applicants, often in the hundreds, so it is vital to ensure that you meet the essential criteria in the person specification. As an example, consider that you want to pursue a career in the IT industry, specifically in software programming. It will be expected that suitable applicants will have a wealth of experience in programming skills, such as coding, and refactoring, and will be fluent in several programming languages, such as C++ and Python. In short, make sure that you can demonstrate these skills and have the necessary qualifications to ensure that you are considered for suitable roles.

Create a 5-Year Plan

Career changes and the search for job progression can be time-consuming processes that are unlikely to happen overnight. It is wise to create a rolling five-year plan that allows you to map out the steps you need to get to your final career destination. Gaining qualifications takes time and taking on additional responsibilities may help your employment prospects by allowing you to gain new skills. These processes can take months or even years to fully achieve, so by plotting the steps needed, you will gain clarity in your overall thoughts and have clear directions over what to do next.


It should be recognized that networking is not just a skill that is used by outgoing and extroverted personalities - it should be undertaken by everyone. Some people may find the practice of networking a little awkward, but it improves with time and experience. By making yourself more visible to other colleagues and managers and having regular meaningful conversations, you may become aware of job positions before they become advertized. In addition, your name may be mentioned more amongst senior management, and they may consider you for emerging roles. Networking is a powerful tool when used correctly and can help open the door to a range of new employment opportunities.


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