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The Biggest Online Casino Winnings In The World

THE BIGGEST ONLINE CASINO WINNINGS IN THE WORLDThe gambling world opened up a platform for new ways to have fun, succeed, and earn tons of real money. There are plenty of online casino games where you can place real money wagers and end up with a fortune.

In the history of gambling, some gamers have been fortunate enough to earn large sums of money for playing exciting games. Here is a highlight of some of the biggest wins online casinos have recorded.

$23.6 Million Playing Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah constantly offers insane prizes for players who manage to hit the title's jackpot. The game created by Microgaming holds the world record for the largest payouts in online slot machines. The game's biggest payout was $19 813 411.70. A Belgian player was lucky to strike this at the Napoleon Sports & Casino on 27th April 2021. The eight-figure sums the largest ever Mega Moolah jackpot win. Like all progressive jackpot wins, the winner took home the lump sum. The title that combines vibrant artwork and immersive gameplay takes gamers down the rabbit hole to look for gold coins and, hopefully, big wins. The game's progressive jackpot remains a stalwart in the industry, having paid players over $1.3 billion across all games, tiers, and jackpots to date.

$21 Million Win at PAF

Some gamers tend to have all the luck in the world. Can you imagine placing a bet with only 25 cents and ending up with a $21 million win? This is a story that happened at PAF, an online casino gaming site operating in Scandinavia. The player who hit the lucky jackpot was a man in his 40s hailing from Finland. When it happened, he reported that he was filled with different emotions crying and laughing at the same time. The winner placed the bet in 2013 on Mega Fortune, a game from NetEnt. Reports state that the huge win was recorded in less than 50 spins. The win even caught the attention of the iconic Guinness Book of World Records. It is a classic 5-reel slot with three rows and 25 bet video slot. It comes with a free version first that allows players to familiarize themselves with the gameplay before going in for the kill with real money wagers.

$17.3 Million Playing Arabian Knights

Another win that caused tremors in the online gaming world was when a Norwegian Gambler took home a 17.3 million dollar win in 2011 playing Arabian Knights online slot. The lucky gamer was a member of Betson casino. At the time, gaming on the internet was mostly a fun pastime activity, and no one expected a player to earn so much money. The game made by NetEnt is a 5-reel and 10-line progressive slot jackpot that showcases the atmosphere of a hot desert night through its distinctive sound effects. It also offers many features like multipliers, free spins, scatter, and wild that can help online players trigger millions of dollars.

$17.2 Million on Betway

A British soldier became a multimillionaire overnight in October 2015 after placing a 25cent bet in an online casino. The amount earned him $17.2M, one of the largest payouts online. At 26 years old, Jon Heywood, who had previously toured Afghanistan, could not believe he won all that amount in a single day. Heywood was so shocked that he kept mum for three days before sharing the news. Reports by BBC state that he even went to work the following day. The lucky winner said that getting the best possible medical treatment was the first thing he would spend his winnings on. His dad was waiting for a lung and heart transplant. He also said that part of his loot would be used to purchase a Bentley Continental GT and go on a Mediterranean cruise with his family.

$16 Million Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is one of those unique games that have made it possible for multiple gamers to earn million of shillings, the reason it appears on the list of the biggest casino winnings twice. In August 2020, the headlines were full of news of yet another millionaire who earned the cash gaming. Microgaming confirmed that there was another jackpot Gewwiner was playing Mega Moolah. This time, the winner had struck gold winning $16 765 230. The fabulous event took place in Lucky casino. There were two reasons to celebrate in the casino, one for landing such a huge amount and the other for the highest ever- online slot winner in the casino. Sadly, the details of the winner remain anonymous to date.

Closing Thoughts

Every gambler dreams of becoming lucky one day. Online games have created an avenue where some players have been fortunate to hit massive, life-changing cash prizes. Some winnings prove that a person does not have to place wagers with a lot of money. Some gamers invest cents and end up being overnight millionaires. Above are examples of some of the biggest online casinos globally. The figures may give hope to some players who invest in online gambling to make good returns.


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