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Try These Mobility Options for Greater Independence

TRY THESE MOBILITY OPTIONS FOR GREATER INDEPENDENCEIf you have mobility restrictions of any kind, you already know how frustrating it can be to try and navigate a society that has been structured around people without restricted mobility. Sometimes, it can feel as if your independence is being impeded due to the lack of consideration in public places.

Whether you have always had a disability or have only recently started experiencing differences in your mobility, keeping active is vital for your mental and physical health. Here are a few mobility options to help you stay independent.

Why Does Independence Matter?

Many people take independence for granted, especially if they don't have a disability. It is easy to assume that the world is straightforward when you don't have to encounter obstacles on a daily basis. As someone with a mobility restriction, these types of barriers can make you feel excluded from public life. Simple tools can make a huge difference in helping you lead your life with greater agency.

Crutches, Walking Sticks, and Walking Frames

If you are able to stand but find it difficult to do so for prolonged periods of time, there are mobility aids that make it easier to get around without putting too much strain on your hips, legs, or feet. Crutches are usually temporary since they brace at the elbow or wrist, allowing upright movement with the use of arms for balance. Walking frames are better for people with less balance since there is more to support their weight.

Mobility Scooters

A mobility scooter is a small vehicle with a motor and a seat. It usually has four wheels and is designed for both short- and long-term use. If you have a mobility scooter, you can maintain it with mobility scooter parts to increase its lifespan. They are ideal for users who want the benefits of a wheelchair without the need for manual effort or the cost of a bespoke electric wheelchair. They can also range in speed and comfort level depending on your preferences.


There are two main types of wheelchairs. Manual wheelchairs are powered by the user moving the wheels with their hands, whereas electric wheelchairs are powered by a battery. Some wheelchair users have a strong preference for one over the other, but you may find there are occasions that call for a choice.

Adapted Vehicles

No matter what type of mobility aid you use on a regular basis, having an adapted vehicle to accommodate your mobility needs can make life much easier. These are cars that are designed either to be operated by an individual with mobility restrictions or to have enough space for large mobility equipment, such as wheelchairs.

When the rest of the world makes it difficult to get around, holding on to your independence is essential. Having a disability that impacts your mobility shouldn't stop you from engaging with life as you see fit. With the right tools, you can stay in control of your lifestyle and choices. Hopefully, the list above has helped you to consider which mobility aids could be right for you.


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