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Everything Irish Players Need to Know About Online Gambling

EVERYTHING IRISH PLAYERS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ONLINE GAMBLINGGambling has always been popular among the Irish, and some even consider it one of the main aspects of the nation’s culture, and the market has been booming ever since 1956 when the Gaming and Lotto Act was passed by the officials. The country is home to several large casinos, and a number of smaller ones scattered all across the territory, and today’s players can choose between online and offline gambling.

However, the industry has gone a long way before being what it is now, and the following guide will tell you all about it.

The Current State of Gambling in Ireland 

Gambling has grown to become one of the major industries in the country, helping the government generate €100 million in taxes every year. According to recent stats, 67% of adults in Ireland engaged in some form of wagering in the past twelve months, and the majority of them prefer chasing after lottery jackpots and scratch card ticket rewards. Besides these two categories, gambling in Ireland also involves casino games, bingo, sports betting, phone bets, and gaming machines. 

The Rise of Gambling 

Even though Ireland has a great selection of land-based establishments, people are getting more and more drawn to the world of online gambling. Especially after the global pandemic that affected the habits of individuals worldwide. Luckily for the Irish, they can also enjoy a rich selection of online gambling sites, and their favourite new pastime is supported by the Irish Revenue Commissioners which provides licensing to remote operators. 

Online operators offer some incredible features to their members, and people usually opt for them because of the attractive rewards and promotions they can often make use of. Therefore, it is no surprise that nowadays there are also many great sites that guide players through different freebies available out there, helping them discover some of the best casino bonuses you can find online. Besides the rewards, online casinos also attract users with hundreds or even thousands of game titles they can explore and play without waiting in lines for their turn. 

The game selection includes a large number of variants of the traditional categories you can find in land-based venues, as well as some modern options like video poker and live dealer games that enrich online gaming with the atmosphere of real casino halls. 

The History of Gambling in Ireland

Since most of Ireland’s modern history was spent first under England and then the United Kingdom, it is no surprise that the development of gambling also mimics the process that occurred in the UK. However, it is important to note that the first appearance of wagering in Ireland happened before the English conquest, and even before the arrival of Romans to the Isles. During the reign of Conaire Mor who ruled as a High King of Ireland somewhere during the time between 110 BC and 60 AD, people were already betting on horse chariot races. 

During the rule of England, the Irish were mostly interested in card games, even though gambling was completely unregulated at the time. The first regulations were passed when the country was granted limited independence in 1922, and in 1926, the officials introduced the Betting Act which was supposed to enable the operations of illegal bookies. And almost 200 years later, the rules and regulations still stand on the foundations of the initial Betting Act which dictates that all bookmakers must keep a valid license and keep it prominently displayed at all times, whether they operate online or offline. 

The next important phase took place in the second half of the 20th century when the locals became wildly passionate about sports betting. Thanks to the century-long tradition of horse racing, this discipline found its place as the most popular category among punters, followed closely by rugby and football. 

How to Get Started?

Before any player starts wagering their own money, they should know about a few tips and tricks when it comes to online gambling. And even though Ireland has a rich history of gambling, it’s always a good idea to remind ourselves of the safest ways to look for a reliable casino.

Read Reviews

The first and most important step is finding a reliable online casino website. This can be a tough task as there are hundreds of operators offering great promotions, amazing bonuses and great games. However, not every casino is reliable (as there are more and more websites that aim to scam people). That is why reading reviews of any kind makes an amazing starting point. 

You can easily rely on reputable online review websites. Those websites hire only the experts in the field who will offer unbiased advice to all the players. These experts go through available casinos at the desired market and list their pros and cons, check their security, try out a few games and give you the verdict.

Another great idea is to look for testimonials or visit forums (e.g. Reddit), where real players can offer their opinions. What’s more, when you are uncertain about a casino, you can always start your own thread and see if there are any players who have had experience with that casino and can let you in on how good, fair and reliable it is.

Check the Game Selection

Games that a casino has on offer play a vital role in picking the operator. You certainly don’t need to create an account with a casino that doesn’t have the games you want to play, right? So, when browsing through reviews and casinos, check out their games. For example, if you want to play online slots, you certainly want to have more options. Also, check the RTP % for the games, so you know the game is not rigged. The lower the RTP the bigger the chances you are going to win. Additionally, check out if the casino has those traditional games (blackjack, baccarat, poker, etc.). The more games a casino has, your chances of winning and having fun increase.

Not to mention how important it is to check the game provider. You don’t want to play a game on an engine from some provider with a bad reputation. Rather, pick games provided by NetEnt, Microgaming, and similar.

Research Payment Methods

Another important factor - when choosing your favourite online casino - is payment methods. Most casinos will offer an array of reliable payment methods for their players. Most of them rely on the good old credit/debit cards and bank transfers, but as the tech is improving casinos are adding more methods (PayPal, Skrill, other e-wallets, cryptos, and so on). If you find a casino that offers a very limited payment methods list, you might want to search further.

Having several reliable payment methods is a good sign. First, you get to pick the payment method you prefer, you can adjust the fees and even get to your funds further. Second, if a casino has a lot of options, it’s a sign they care about their players. Lastly, it means they are secure and fair, as well as versatile.

Check out the Bonuses

Last but not least, check out the bonuses. Casinos use bonuses and various other promotions to attract new customers. If you are new, it means that you can find some amazing welcome bonuses and no-deposit options for your first-time play. What’s more, casinos offer promotions for their loyal players, too, and if you plan to become one, check out those options, as well. 

However, when choosing a casino based on bonuses, make sure to read the terms and conditions. Plus, don’t forget to check what the wagering requirements are. Some bonuses work for certain types of games, and some will require you to deposit money into the account before you can cash out the bonus.

Gambling has a rich history in Ireland, and as one of the favourite pastimes in the country, it has gone through different phases throughout the centuries. From the initial horse racing events held in ancient times to the rise of sports betting in the 20th century, the industry is now dominated by online operators that continue to attract new players with exciting new game types and features. 


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