Excellent feedback for the Conference for Creativity, Innovation and Success

Excellent feedback for the Conference for CreativityLast Saturday 8th November, the Women and Success project hosted, a Conference for Creativity, Innovation and Success at the Hilton Hotel in Vilamoura. It was an event dedicated to all professional women in the Algarve that wanted to become inspired by leading women that dare to innovate.

Isabel Santos, interior designer from Ecolar, transformed the conference room and foyer into a cosy living room-like atmosphere, using products from 11Gourmet, Redilamp, Ecolar and Projecto Tasa.

All participations were very well received, and proved that intelligent innovation is always inspiring, hopeful and motivating. Each one of the presented projects was an example of using the natural resources that Portugal has, in a creative and innovative way.

Andreia Pintassilgo and Sara Fernandes, Director Sales & Marketing and Graphic Designer of the Tasa Project based in Loulé, emphasised how design and innovation - hand in hand with local craftsmanship - can generate a project with a wide social impact, reaching from the Alentejo, through the Algarve and Andaluzia.

Excellent feedback for the Conference for CreativityKatya Bauval, Vila Vita‘s Director of Sales & Marketing, shared how an experience based on the most traditional, authentic resources and sceneries of the Algarve  generates new business opportunities for the resort, in low season. 

Manuela Sabino, founder of the trademark “Amour Gourmet” and shop manager of 11Gourmet, explained how the search for the best products with a true care for the image can create a distinctive brand and experience.

Anabela Polido Macieira, an architect and owner of Zen Architecture, explained how she transformed her calling and motivation into a company, an association focused on creating sustainable houses in the Algarve and an award winning housing solution.

All women present were very enthusiastic, had the opportunity to do business, to connect to others and were having a good time. Women & Success handed out feedback forms and the majority of women rated the event “excellent”, saying they felt inspired and motivated to innovate their life and work.

Women & Success wishes to thank all the sponsors that made this event possible: 11 Gourmet, Projecto Tasa, Vila Vita Parc, Zen Arquitetura, Eco Lar, Redilamp, Hilton Hotel Vilamoura, Café Delta, Diamond Vila Sales & Management, Be You, Dalara Soap, Lugar Seguro, and Tânia Farias Fotografia. 

More information on the project’s activities on www.riavandoorn.com.
To join the group, find Women & Success on Facebook at facebook.com/womenandsuccess.

Women & Success is an initiative of Ria van Doorn that started in 2012. Together with a group of inspiring women she organizes workshops, meetings and events to stimulate women to unleash their potential, enabling them to reach and exceed their goals. 

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