Possible 'Retirement Village' Project - can you help?

Possible 'Retirement Village' Project - can you help?Most people choosing to come and live in the Algarve are approaching or have reached retirement age. Life here is good… however sooner or later comes the anxiety as to what to do when we are ‘really old’ or circumstances change so that we need help. Where is help available or should we repatriate?

At the same time there are many older people from the Northern Hemisphere who want to spend say the winter months in a kinder climate. Some of them may require some simple medical or social support.

Meanwhile there are a number of ambitious residential/holiday projects that have been embarked upon but not finished and sadly have gone into bankruptcy. Can these factors be used to mutual benefit?

My vision is to amalgamate the two – to utilise (or even build from scratch) an existing project to form an “Old People’s Village” with a charitable arm to provide ‘Care at Cost’ as and when required. Overall this would provide designed facilities suitable for the older age group, coupled with various activities to encourage shared interests and social integration. It is envisaged that residents would be full or part time, summer visitors or winter swallows.

My background is in teaching, residential social work, social group work, working with the homeless and refugees, building construction, and trying to master to almost impossible task of setting up a business in the Algarve!

Is there anyone out there who would be interested in forming a working party to look at the practical aspects of setting up the above?
Do you have experience in finance, construction, business management or simply are challenged by the need and the possibilities of such a project?

If you're interested in helping in some way, shape or form please contact Stella on stelladowns@gmail.com.

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