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Physician Tips and Hints on How to Study in Medical School in 2021

PHYSICIAN TIPS AND HINTS ON HOW TO STUDY IN MEDICAL SCHOOL IN 2021Life for a medical student can be very stressful. Most students who get into medical school already have a strong work ethic and dedication. It is getting used to long hours and the sheer volume of material that can be challenging. 

Simple tips on how to improve paper writing skills

SIMPLE TIPS ON HOW TO IMPROVE PAPER WRITING SKILLSToday active people require many skills to succeed in society. However, as the world becomes digital, writing stays among the core skills for students or employees, and entrepreneurs. Some people think that writing is a talent you cannot develop, as you have to be born with it. Nevertheless, the experience of some purposeful individuals proves that you can improve any skill, including writing if you have enough effort and time.

Importance of Solid Writing Skills for Students

Importance of Solid Writing Skills for StudentsWriting is the basic skill that college and university students from Maryland should develop and polish. Let’s face it, it’s the solid basis of history, communication, and many other subjects. Every other day you apply writing skills in college, from sending emails to your professors to working on your essays. In both cases, you’re required to display both critical thinking and writing skills.

Restored Creations - a passion for quality furniture upcycling

RESTORED CREATIONS - A PASSION FOR QUALITY FURNITURE UPCYCLINGSince restoring her first unit 30 years ago, a chest of drawers which was hers as a child (which she still has!), Simonne has always done the odd upcycling project and has always had a passion for wood, despite her career being in aviation!

Move Overseas With Ease - Tips & Ideas To Live Your Best Life Abroad (Part 1)

MOVE OVERSEAS WITH EASE - TIPS & IDEAS TO LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE ABROAD (PART 1)I decided to write this eBook to help you if you’re moving to a new country. You see, I have moved around a lot. I've been an expat for over 40 years. I've had great transitions when I felt could navigate smoothly in the new culture. But I must admit that many of my cultural transitions have been painful and difficult.

Important Things to Know How to Handle: A Guide to Life's Messes

IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW HOW TO HANDLE: A GUIDE TO LIFE'S MESSESOn a day-to-day basis, life can and will throw challenges and complications at you. No matter how big or small, we all face messes day in and day out. It can be overwhelming to figure out how to deal with these issues, especially when they are unexplained or unexpected. Read on for 5 frequent messes and how to tackle them.

Jumping for joy!

JUMPING FOR JOY!Celebrating the end of the drop zone lock down in the Algarve, in style. After almost six months of patiently waiting, Friday 2nd July marked the day that professional skydivers in the Algarve have been waiting for! 

AlgarvePLUS Magazine - July 2021

ALGARVEPLUS MAGAZINE - July 2021The temperature is soaring, barbecues are sizzling and there is nowhere anyone would rather be than right here, right now!

CLICK HERE and view full screen to read AlgarvePLUS July 2021.