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Tourists Ready For A Holiday After Covid-19

Tourists Ready For A Holiday After Covid-19Algarve Fun, a leading provider of tickets for attractions including water parks in Portugal, conducted a survey to measure the expected effect of Covid-19 on the summer season which is so crucial for many tourism businesses.

The survey found that 69.3% of respondents still intend to go on holiday this summer. Of course this will be dependent upon whether there are any restrictions remaining and on the availability of flights. Flights could be in short supply if social distancing measures are introduced on airlines, not least with RyanAir who have already threatened not to fly if they are forced to leave middle seats empty.


Virtual Concert by pianist Nikola Meeuwsen

Virtual Concert by pianist Nikola MeeuwsenEnjoy this Virtual Concert of talented young pianist Nikola Meeuwsen, playing Brahms Drie Intermezzi, op. 117, brought to you by Algarve History Association.

Whatever Happened To...?

Whatever Happened To...?A certain song or an image of past events can trigger a whole series of recollections and get you wondering about the people and places that have changed course over the years.

Take a peek at April 2020 AlgarvePLUS Magazine page 28 to find out what happened to 60's supermodel Celia Hammond and band manager Gerry Marsden, plus more...

Article by kind pemission of AlgarvePLUS Magazine


AlgarvePLUS Magazine - April 2020

AlgarvePLUSWelcome to the April issue of AlgarvePLUS magazine. Enjoy a good, absorbing read that will inform and entertain.

CLICK HERE and view full screen to read AlgarvePLUS April 2020.

Moving Abroad? Here's What You Need To Know

Moving Abroad? Here's What You Need To KnowBecoming an expat is a huge decision that will entirely change your life. People move overseas for various reasons. Whether it is for a new job, to move in with your partner or loved one, to further your education, or just to start fresh and have a better quality of life, moving abroad offers a lot of opportunities. However, it is simply not a walk in the park and it entails certain preparations before you pack your bags and embrace the ex-pat life. To help you in your next chapter overseas, here are some important things you have to consider:

Get away from it all... an oasis on your doorstep

Get away from it all... an oasis on your doorstepGet away from it all at Paradise in Portugal, a friendly, unpretentious, ecologically sensitive lakeside Lodge in southern Portugal with excellent service. Surrounded by unspoilt countryside, home to a wide
variety of wildlife and birds, there is something for everyone with numerous activities on offer, authentic International cuisine, you can be as active as you wish, or do nothing if you prefer.

Local young fishermen awarded Gold medals

Local young fishermen awarded Gold medalsThis week, on Wednesday 11th December the Clube Naval Portimão, held a ceremony in Portimão, to honor two youngsters who were chosen to represent the National Team and represent Portugal in the World Championship Shore Angling in Italy in October. They came 4th. They were awarded Gold Medals for being chosen out of the whole of Portugal to represent and angle for the National Team.

Expat Centre Portugal - helping internationals feel at home

Expat Centre Portugal - helping internationals feel at homeIt's time to go out and explore fun activities that do not only include beach or golf. For those of you who are looking for something different, we are called “The Expat Centre Portugal” and our aim is to help international people who live and may also work in the Algarve, to build connections and friendships through social meet ups and events.