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Black Box at Zavial

BLACK BOX AT ZAVIALOn Boxing Day we found a stationary "Black Box" in open water some 2 miles off the coast at Zavial. Its presence dominated the nautical setting bringing an amazing contrast to the blue panorama that normally covers the glorious 180 degree seawards view from the cliffs. Zavial to Lagos in the East and Westwards to the penisular at Sagres.   

Normally we sit on the top of the cliffs, at the cairn, just to get our breath back after a stroll from Furnace, or as yesterday, a clamber up from the beach at Zavial. It is one of our favourite places. 

It soon became obvious that it was a container ship which had apparently either had lost traction and therefore was in some difficulty or it was simply moored in open water to avoid a costly tie up at some holidaying port further down the coast. The "Black Box" dominated our viewing.

A small launch could be seen sailing large circles around the "Black Box."  Obviously the right Authorities were up to date with the situation.

After nearly an hour we left our viewing platform and dropped back down to the beach. At water level the "Black Box " seemed to be positioned confortably casting its shadow on the ocean. 

As we strolled along the sand I wondered if the nautical scenery would be the same tomorrow.


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