A “Tenacious” idea arrives in Portimão

The Tall ship S. V. TenaciousThe Tall ship S. V. Tenacious, run by the Jubilee Sailing Trust, arrived in Portimão for a crew change on the 23rd of March. On a day­to­day basis roughly 43 people are aboard. The boat is permanently crewed by 8 people who are normally assisted by 3 volunteers, a Cadet from the Royal Navy and up to 40 Voyage Crew. All pretty standard up to here - but this is not your regular Tall Ship. Roughly half of the Ship’s crew is disabled.
Of the 40 voyage crew, Tenacious takes up to 8 people in wheel chairs, prosthetic limbs and and any other kind of physical disability.

Tenacious is a specially adapted tall ship which gives people of all abilities an opportunity to sail and exploreJST was founded in 1978 with the aim of integrating people of all physical abilities through the challenge of Tall ship sailing. Lord Nelson and Tenacious are specially adapted tall ships which give people of all abilities an opportunity to sail and explore. With lifts aboard, carefully planned quarters, adapted toilets and even talking compasses, anybody can sail Tenacious.
Bluewater Algarve, one of Vela Solidária’s partners in the Algarve, are an Internationaly recognised Super Yacht Agent, Yacht Services and Brokerage company and were the Agents of choice for Captain Simon Catterson. Upon their arrival, Vela Solidária was invited onboard to meet the crew and get to know this amazing vessel. Vela Solidária is a social project based in Portimão/Lagos that works closely with under privileged children and people with disabilities from all across Portugal. Our mission is to contribute to a better social integration, based on the regular practice of sailing.

With lifts aboard, carefully planned quarters, adapted toilets and even talking compasses, anybody can sail Tenacious. However, the project doesn’t simply ensure the acquisition of knowledge regarding sailing. Rather, they develop, in close partnership with each institution or group common goals and the content to work with each individual, so that they can contribute to their overall development and the improvement of their daily life. A partnership between Vela Solidária and the JST seemed like the perfect fit. Both charities mission is to use the regular practice of Sailing as a tool to increase socialization levels, tolerance, self-esteem and communication skills. Also to contribute to the construction of realistic life goals and help develop both personal and social skills of all participants. Through sailing they mitigate social inequalities and develop opportunities for disadvantaged children and the disabled through the regular practice of sailing. Creating a more sustainable, inclusive and tolerant world.
Tenacious, the larger of the two boats owned by the JST, is the largest wooden British built sailing ship at 65 meters long, with a sail area of 1,217 m2 split over 21 different sails. After a long 2 1⁄2 years of designing, she was ready to be built in 1996. The whole building process took 4 years, including one very nervous hour whilst the upside down built wooden frame was being turned at an extravagant ceremony at which the HRH Duke of York was present.

On the 6th of April 2000 Tenacious was officially named. A Tenacious idea indeed, sailing towards a better future.

To get involved or to find out more information on Vela Solidária visit their facebook page (facebook.com/velasolidaria.pt) or email Maria at geral@velasolidaria.pt.


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