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Duarte Lima declared insolvent, owing €31.7 million

duarte limaThe former high-flying politician and current murder suspect, Duarte Lima, has been declared insolvent by a Lisbon court.

The refusal of Duarte Lima's creditors this April to allow him flexibility has led to his insolvency, owing €31.7 million to a variety of creditors including State-owned Novo Banco and Parvalorem.

 "In the District of Lisbon, Lisbon - Central Instance - 1st Sec.Comércio - J3 of Lisbon, on December 16, 2016, at 3:36 pm, a judgment was issued declaring the insolvency of the debtor: Domingos Duarte Lima" reads a note published on the Citius website, dated 21st of  December.

From the publication date of Lima’s insolvency, he has 30 days before collection procedures can start.

Lima, a former MP and party leader, has been accused in Brazil of murdering heiress Rosalina Ribeiro and transferring €5.2 in funds she had controlled to his Swiss bank account. The former parliamentary leader of the PSD was acting as Ribeiro’s lawyer in a case that involved the estate of Portuguese millionaire Lucio Feiteira who died in 2000.

Lima now owes Novo Banco €10.9 million, with Parvalorem lodging a claim of €20.7 million.

Loan security of a Chinese porcelain collection is one of the examples of Lima’s assets but he is about to suffer the indignity of having any remaining property, bank accounts and goods, seized, just like if he was a normal citizen.

Lima’s attempt in April to foist his company Dulivira onto his creditors sensibly was refused as it went bust two months later.

Menawhile, his appeal against a 10-year jail term for qualified fraud and money-laundering in Portugal, is being prepared.

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+6 #5 Daphne 2016-12-28 07:50
Now describe Lima as an 'ex-Tribal Leader'. And ask yourself why has this still essentially 'African' country so totally wasted the last 30 years when it could have been trying to 'Europeanise' itself properly. Just whitening PM's, TV adverts and posters does not make Europeans!

Fully grasp what the Ed so tactfully left out - that the Portuguese tax payer will now be paying this multi-millionaires legal fees ! Repeated appeals leading to a fudged suspended sentence, all adding millions to the hundreds of billions of public debt that future generations of Afro-Portuguese must pay off. Yet keeping Lima's assets safe as, like with Socrates - it is now all in his relatives names!
+6 #4 Maximillian 2016-12-28 06:57
No doubt he has money tucked away somewhere safe. Don't they all? It's all the usual game. And in a couple of years, when everyone has forgotten, he'll pick up and carry on with his life. :sigh:
+8 #3 PeterY 2016-12-27 20:39
Quoting TT:
"... just like if he was a normal citizen"?? He is a normal citizen isn't he? Or do ex-politicians legally get a special status?

Ed is being ironic....
+8 #2 TT 2016-12-27 20:12
"... just like if he was a normal citizen"?? He is a normal citizen isn't he? Or do ex-politicians legally get a special status?
+8 #1 Denzil 2016-12-27 19:25
Does anyone think for an instant that a PSD Golden Boy, and lawyer, like this chap was would have anything still in his name? Keep in mind all the current PSD golden boys who, having got a leg up with his help - now owe him one.

These loyalties go deep, remember the queue visiting Socrates in Evora Jail. Now expecting invites to Socrates March 2017 'I'm Free' Party. Then bundle in how convenient it is for Lima to have this supposed penury ... meaning the Portuguese State pays all his legal bills. For endless re-hearings to avoid facing the Brazilians.

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