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Albufeira hotels hiked summer prices by 289%

HOTELRECEPTIONGALEThe Algarve’s hoteliers have been taking full advantage of the laws of supply and demand with the average summertime price for a double room topping €200.

The average price over the full year was €69, up from €60 in 2015 - a growth of 14.2%.

The difference between low and high season last year approaches the unbelievable with €63 in January rising to €201 in August.

Data from the Hotel Price Index from Trivago show that the Algarve recorded one of the largest variations in its hotel pricing in relation to 2015, confirming a good year for hoteliers whose businesses were full to bursting over the summer period.

The Algarve was not the highest priced are, with Oporto and Figueira da Foz knocking the region into third place.

The biggest difference between January and August was in the key council area of Albufeira where an average €54 low season price rose steeply to €210 in August, a 289% difference.

Portimão also showed its hotel businesses understand economics with €47 low season hitting €149 in August. In Lagos €69 in January rose to €176 in August.