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Loulé council to spent €1.3 million on palace renovation

LoulePalacioGamaLobosLoulé council has signed a deal to renovate the historic Palácio Gama Lobos in Rua Nossa Senhora de Fátima. The contract runs for 18 months and will cost €1.3 million.

The Palácio Gama Lobos is one of the most important buildings Loulé has to offer. The historic part is Pombaline, from the second half of the C18th, and it is this section that needs the renovation work. The other part is an extension from the beginning of the C20th and currently is used for various indoor sporting activities.

The renovation work will cover two floors, a total of 1,557 m², and is for the preservation and renovation of the property, with no major structural work needed.

Varoius architectural and artistic features will need to be carefully worked on using original materials and some old skills.

Loulé council says that when the work is completed, the building will become a centre for creativity with initiatives related to the ‘Loulé Criativo’ project which “supports the training and activity of artisans and other people working in the creative sector, helping to revitalise the traditional arts and crafts and dynamise new approaches to the areas intangible heritage.”





-1 #1 D Williams 2017-01-11 07:32
Sadly these renovations are not policed as they should be - undoubtedly modern cement will be trowelled onto it as it was done by the lorry load to a 'renovation' of a centuries old Manueline frontage Church near us. Also - let us hear more on who is actually paying for much if not all of this work. EU Structural Funds !